Friday, November 16, 2012

All Is Lost

  With the recent outcome of the election, I have been left shaking my head in disbelief. Having a week or so to reflect, I have decided that common sense is officially dead.  In reconstructing the crime scene, the evidence shows that political correctness and entitlement slowly and methodically smothered common sense in it's bedroom with a pillow over the last 20 years.

     In coming to this realization, I have decided to stop laboring in vain to carry small buckets of water from the recesses of the titanic in faint hopes that I might somehow prevent it's sinking.  No, I have now resolved myself to the fact that the ship is going down.  Additionally, I have decided that the best place to be is topside with the violin players and the clueless partiers.  Therefore, I have created this new blog, which I shall post the unbelievable news stories from around the nation, as well as my daily encounters, which support the premise that, "ALL IS LOST!!"

Please feel free to post your comments and thoughts on any of the daily postings and we can all have a good time as the mighty boat slowly sinks into it's watery grave.  The new blog is at: