Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Example of Radical BIG Government Violating the Constitution

This story is reminiscent of what we might have expected to see in Nazi Germany, but unfortunately it is another disturbing example of how far we have allowed the government to take control of our everyday lives. Wake up everyone, our rights are being chipped away little by little every day. Each individual event may not directly apply to you or your particular interests, but if you look at the bigger picture you will see that in the long term big picture each incident directly affects your future freedom and liberty. Never forget the quote from Martin Niemoller about the holocaust:

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.
It is time for all who believe in what our Constitution guarantees as our "unalienable rights" to stand against this progressive oppression...whatever the cost!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor's Quotes Reveal Complete Ignorance on the Duties of Our Judicial Branch

Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama's first nominee for the Supreme Court of The United States, seems to have less knowledge on the duties of our judicial branch than the average high school student. (public school students excluded of course)

Let's have a brief discussion on the separation of powers. Most High School students are educated on how our government operates with three separate branches: the executive, legislative, and judicial. Each branch has it's own powers and limitations. This type of government prevents any branch from gaining too much power, thus limiting the possibility of abuse of power. The President (executive) may enact certain things, but is overseen by congress (legislative) and the courts (judicial). Each branch has it's own powers and limitations. Apparently Judge Sotomayor is not familiar with our Constitution and the separation of powers, maybe I'm losing my mind but it would seem familiarity with these would be somewhat of a prerequisite for the job.

Sotomayor, self-admittedly claimed that it is a judges job to make policy, rather than adjudicate and interpret constitutional law. Don't believe me? It's on tape!

This type of viewpoint should prevent her from being a judge at all, much less a Supreme Court justice.

She has been overturned 80% (4 out of 5 times) by the Supreme Court when they reviewed opinions that she authored. 3 out of the 4 times the Court held that Judge Sotomayor erred in her statutory interpretation. Not exactly a resume builder for a Supreme Court position.

Judge Sotomayor stated, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male."

Now, let's play a little game. Let's use the same quote from above, but let's switch the places of "Latina woman" and "white male", and let's make the quote from any white male you would like to use. For my game I have used Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy...

Judge Kennedy stated, "I would hope that a wise white male with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latino woman."

Now can anyone look me straight in the eye and tell me that Judge Kennedy would be nominated, much less stand any chance of being confirmed if he had made that statement? The statement oozes with racism, and yet, judge Sotomayor will more than likely get a pass on this, because of a dangerous double standard we have accepted in this country.

This is the first real chance for the Republican Party to tighten up their belts and reestablish themselves as the "conservative" party. It will be interesting to see if they put on their gloves for a fight, or slip further to the left and away from any defining feature or stance, by giving the radical left yet another free pass.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend...Lest We Forget Their Sacrifice

I am off to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with friends, but thought I would get one more post in before I go. I am extremely patriotic, in case you didn't already know. I stand up straight when I hear the playing of our National Anthem. I respectfully salute our flag when I am in uniform, and I remove my hat if I am civilian attire. I will also make a scene at public events to the dismay of those who do not respect these respectful traditions. Nothing makes my blood boil quicker than people talking during the National Anthem at a sporting event, and I am more than happy to make them aware of it.

It is what our flag stands for that needs to be remembered, respected, and saluted. Brave men and women throughout our nations history have defined it's meaning, and this is a weekend set aside for honoring their service to our nations freedom. I find that to be one of the most important tasks that we, as Americans must do...simply take time to remember the brave souls who have gone before to fight so that we may remain free to pursue success however we define from the tyranny of foreign oppressors to live our lives how we see fit. Please take time to remember these brave men and women this weekend. I have included a wonderful Memorial Day tribute video I found on Youtube. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


In dealing with each arising issue in this country, it is important to always consider the big picture. The statist knows that he or she cannot take away our liberties in one sweeping stroke. Doing this would set off millions of alarms and the citizens would rebel immediately. The plan of the statist is to quietly and very subtly erode little liberties, so that they go unnoticed, but to the few who do their research and actually call the statists out for what they are. If they control 95% of the media it is quite conceivable that they can publicly write off this group of whistleblowers as "extremist." They may even, for dramatic effect, have one of their agencies publish a report identifying such persons as "domestic terrorists." (See DHS report from April)

Back to my point for today...

Making a lot of news over the past few days is a 13 year old boy who does not wish to take chemotherapy for his lymphoma. Doctors have stated that he has a 90% chance of recovery if treated, a mere 5% if he is not. The family has religious beliefs which prevent them from accepting this treatment. The medical community has taken the parents to court to force the treatment, and the courts have ordered that the child be treated with chemotherapy. I'm sure that many of you, perhaps even a majority, believe the courts did the right thing in this situation. I challenge you to look at the bigger picture.

This one case will set future judicial precedence and empower the courts to interfere further in our private lives. I do not believe the federal government should have the power to tell us what medical treatment we will receive. I also do not believe the constitution permits such liberties to be taken away from individual citizens by courts. I will be honest with you. I agree that the religious beliefs of this family, which will more than likely result in their child's death, are unfortunate. I'll go a step further. I think their beliefs are downright crazy, but I also know that I take my right to practice my own religious beliefs seriously. You have to understand that by letting the courts rule this way in this one extreme scenario, we are allowing them to take away a small portion of our freedom to practice religion and worship God. The future will allow further court rulings. Each one will take an ever so small chunk of religious freedom until one day we will wake up and will find that our freedom to worship no longer exists.

In summary, it is easy to look at the surface of this situation and find a moral basis to conclude that the courts made the correct decision. Our initial emotions may even lead us to believe this, but we must look below the surface of this one incident and see that this decision has taken another small portion of our freedom and our liberty, and empowered the federal courts to interfere further in our private lives in the future. A general rule of thumb for me is to think logically, not emotionally.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Remember that frequent statement during the campaign and especially the debates where President Obama assured the American people that 95% of us were going to get a tax cut? Now I believe a fair percentage of us knew that was a load of excrement the minute the promise left Barry's lips, but for the rest of you, let's do a little math.

At the beginning of his presidency, President Obama lowered the withholding percentages on our income taxes and bragged that he had cut our taxes. Unfortunately, the government run school systems have degraded the intelligence of our average citizens enough that many actually think that was a tax cut. All this did was lower the amount withheld in advance for income tax payments in the future by around $13 a check. At the end of the year you will still owe the same, or more likely, a far greater amount to the federal government...long story short, you've been bamboozled (it's my new goal to include "bamboozled" in my posts once a week, I have no reasoning for this)

Now let's explore some of the costs President Obama has already introduced on the American people during the infancy of his administration.

Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Energy Bill= $1,600 per family
Stimulus payments for dead people= ???
Obama's Budget Expenditures= $3.6 trillion (estimated intake 2.3 trillion...where do you think the extra 1.3 trillion is coming from??

Now that's some fuzzy math!!! So in what area of your life is Obama helping you America?? I didn't even include the bailout punishments where you, the honest American who pays their mortgage and other bills get tasked with paying the bills of the freeloaders who aren't. healthcare?? Is that what you're going with?? One needs look no further than our friends in Canada to see how well that will work out. Go ahead and do the research. Start with a little google magic on the name Belinda Stronach, a liberal member of Canadian parliament who snuck around behind the back of her own socialized healthcare system to get her surgery in California.

I ask again, after doing a little research of your own I challenge any "working" "legal" American to tell me where Obama is making your life better!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Fine American Kids Organization Corrupted

I guess at this point I shouldn't be surprised. If the Statists want to force their socialist plans on this country, the long term plan would have to be reeducation of our youth. This begins in the schools and with social organizations such as the Boy and Girl Scouts. I have linked to a news article which should make any conservative family with a daughter in the Girl Scouts cringe.

This is just another example of how we have arrived at a time in this country where a recent Rasmussen poll found that capitalism is preferred over socialism by a mere 53% of our population! This did not happen overnight, and certainly not by accident. Over the last few generations parents have become complacent in raising their children. Over the past 30 years parents have convinced themselves that it is more important that both parents work full time, in order to provide material items for themselves and their children, rather than providing a moral foundation for their adult lives. Statists have seized this opportunity as a chance to influence entire generations of our children away from our beliefs in liberty and freedom, and toward their beliefs of "from each, according to his each, according to their need" marxist philosophies.

Don't believe me??? I challenge you to go look at your child's history book and look at how American History is being taught in public schools. Look at what the Girl Scouts have become. Look at all of the legal battles the Boy Scouts have faced over the past 20 years. Look at what has been removed from public schools...prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, American Flags, etc.

Do you think this is mere coincidence? We have made the bed, and now we must lie in it. We have spent the last few decades trying so hard to provide a better life for our kids than we had growing up, that we have failed to teach our children the proper way to provide a better life for themselves.

Here is the irony of it all. Our children, once grown and indoctrinated in socialist philosophies from our public schools, will not only fail to appreciate how hard you have worked to make a good life for them, but will vote and support laws and policies which will take away the capital and material items you have earned through your hard work, and redistribute them to other families that would not work for a living. Not to sound too much like a pessimist, but I fear this is irreversible.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Reaching deep into her liberal bag of tricks, Nancy Pelosi has reverted to the, "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire" defense. This, my friends, is when you know a liberal is running scared. Just for fun, let's examine the many different responses we have heard from Ms. Pelosi on this CIA interrogation fiasco. First she vehemently denied knowing anything about the CIA's use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Then, when it became clear that she had been briefed on these methods; first, by the CIA in late 2002, and again in early 2003 by one of her aides, she attempted to pull a liberal "jedi mind trick" with an 'I was briefed that a brief took place, but not on what was discussed' defense. When the CIA was able to produce documents which show precisely what was briefed regarding these techniques Ms. Pelosi, now cornered, pulled out the age old, "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire" liberal smokescreen.

I have learned quite a few things by studying liberals over the past 17 or so years. The main point I have learned is that although they are, in fact, very intelligent for the most part, if you wait them out for a while they will no doubt undo themselves with their greed and/or arrogance. Once they have been exposed, they utilize a very narrow and predictable playbook to rid themselves of whatever the current accusation might be. Below is a brief list of plays you can expect to see:

1. Ignore the story - pretend it is not happening, or deflect like crazy.

2. Find some sort of moral equivalence or a story from 30 years ago saying a Conservative did something sort of similar.

3. Come up with some conspiracy theories. This is usually the most amusing part, reading and hearing all the strange stuff they come up with to explain how someone might have accidentally come to the conclusion they did something wrong.

4. Blame Conservatives for bringing the truth to light. How dare they do that!!!!

5. Concoct strange defenses based on wild psychological discourse, which no one understands, including the writer, but it sounds good, and allows a liberal to confuse a small portion of the population.

6. Whine about the discussion of the topic, proclaiming that it means nothing, and why aren't we talking about X? This is usually the point where Liberals truly understand how bad the issue really is for them, typically when even the NY Times cannot ignore it, so, now they want to have an in-depth discussion on the point of the Iraq War, which you have had 1,000times, but, they strangely have never had.

7. Declare victory! Those dastardly Conservatives have been proven wrong again, and why do you keep asking so many questions?

8. Find a lower ranking liberal in the food chain to be the "fall guy".

It will be interesting to see where this goes in the next few weeks. If the Obama administration persists with the investigations into the interrogation techniques, they will most likely drag down one of the loudest leftists in it. I am guessing that they will choose not to make Pelosi a sacrificial lamb just yet, and will quietly hope the whole mess just goes away. At this pace, the current administration will destroy the Clinton administrations standing record of most scandals in a term. It would be humorous if it were not rapidly eroding our liberty and freedom each day.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Self described liberal Anita Moncrief, a former ACORN worker, destroyed any credibility which may have been left for the voter registration organization which is being investigated in at least a half dozen states for voter fraud. They must really have a lot of power and dirt on our wonderful representatives in congress, as they keep closing down any attempts at a federal investigation into the matter.


I was reading an article written by the Department of Fish and Game in California, which educates humans on not feeding wild animals and the reasons behind it. As I was reading this article it occurred to me that we, in the human world could learn a lesson from this article. See, it is widely distributed throughout national parks and such that humans are not to feed the wild animals. There are various reasons for this. Wild animals, when given food handouts by humans, will tend to stay in that area and become increasingly more dependent on the free food. They will begin to lose their instinct to go hunt food for themselves. They will even, over time, become increasingly aggressive about trying to take food from their human providers. After a period of time the population may become almost entirely dependent on the handouts, and unable to survive without them.

This same behavior can be seen in the socialized programs of welfare and unemployment compensation started by the "New Deal", which continues to encourage a large number of Americans to "lose their instinct to go hunt food for themselves." The government being the humans providing the free handout, compliments of working Americans tax dollars. I purchased the book, "Letters of a Nation" which contain great letters that have been retrieved dealing indifferent era's of American history. I highly recommend this book by the way, and I wish to share one letter from this book, as it deals with the topic at hand. The letter is from Minnie A. Hardin to first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Ms. Hardin, as well as many other Americans knew early on, what a huge mistake the government had made with the socialist concepts employed in the "NewDeal." What is shared in this letter is the outrage that came from these programs by Americans who worked for a living, while others made a living from their work. The statists successfully counted on the fact, that we, as humans, tend to have short term memories and our anger seems to fade over time when injustice occurs. For an example of this look no further than debates we're having about releasing terrorists and prosecuting the heroes who interrogated them, merely seven years after 9/11, but I don't want to get off-topic. Ms. Hardin puts the injustices of these programs in better words than I could possibly consider writing. It is a long letter but well worth the read, so without further adieau:

Mrs. Roosevelt:

I suppose from your point of view the work relief, old age pensions, slum clearance and all the rest seems like a perfect remedy for all the ills of this country,but I would like for you to see the results, as the other half see them. We have always had a shiftless, never-do-well class of people whose one and only aim in life is to live without work. I have been rubbing elbows with this class for nearly sixty years and have tried to help some of the most promising and have seen others try to help them, but it can't be done. We cannot help those who will not try to help themselves and if they do try, a square deal is all they need, and by the way that is all this country needs or ever has needed: a square deal for all and then, let each paddle their own canoe, or sink. There has never been any necessity for any one who is able to work, being on relief in this locality, but there have been many eating the bread of charity and they have lived better than ever before. I have had tax payers tell me that their children came from school and asked why they couldn't have nice lunches like the children on relief. The women and children around here have had to work at the fields to help save the crops and several women fainted while at work and at the same time we couldn't go up or down the road without stumbling over some of the reliefers, moping around carrying dirt from one side of the road to the other and back again, or else asleep. I live alone on a farm and have not raised any crops for the last two years as there was no help to be had. I am feeding the stock and have been cutting the wood to keep my home fires burning. There are several reliefers around here now who have been kicked off relief but they refuse to work unless they can get relief hours and wages, but they are so worthless no one can afford to hire them. As for the clearance of the real slums, it can't be done as long as their inhabitants are allowed to reproduce their kind. I would like for you to see what a family of that class can do to a decent house in a short time. Such a family moved into an almost new, neat, four-room house near here last winter. They even cut down some of the shade trees for fuel, after they had burned everything they could pry loose. There were two big idle boys in the family and they could get all the fuel they wanted, just for the cutting, but the shade trees were closer and it was taking a great amount of fuel, for they had broken out several windows and they had but very little bedding. There were two women there all the time and three part of the time and there was enough good clothing tramped in the mud around the yard to have made all the bedclothes they needed. It was clothing that had been given them and they had worn it until it was too filthy to wear any longer without washing, so they threw it out and begged more. I will not try to describe their filth for you would not believe me. They paid no rent while there and left between two suns owing everyone from whom they could get a nickels worth of anything. They are just a fair sample of the class of people on whom so much of our hard earned tax money is being squandered and on whom so much sympathy is being wasted. As for the old people on beggars' allowances: the taxpayers have provided homes for all the old people who never liked to work, where they will be neither cold nor hungry: much better homes than most of them have ever tried to provide for themselves. They have lived many years through the most prosperous times of our country and had an opportunity to prepare for old age, but they spent their lives in idleness or worse and now they expect those who have worked like slaves, to provide a living for them and all their worthless descendants. Some of them are asking for from thirty to sixty dollars a month when I have known them to live on a dollar a week rather than go to work. There is many a little child doing without butter on its bread, so that some old sot can have his booze and tobacco: some old sot who spent his working years loafing around pool rooms and saloons, boasting that the world owed him a living. Even the child welfare has become a racket. The parents of large families are getting divorces, so that the mothers and children can qualify for aid. The children have to join the ranks of the "unemployed" as they grow up, for no child that has been raised on charity in this community has ever amounted to anything. You people who have plenty of this worlds goods and whose money comes easy, have no idea of the heart-breaking toil and self-denial which is the lot of the working people who are trying to make an honest living, and then to have to shoulder all these unjust burdens seems like the last straw. During the worst of the depression many of the farmers had to deny their families butter, eggs, meat, etc. and sell it to pay their taxes and then had to stand by and see the dead-beats carry it home to their families by the arm load, and they knew their tax money was helping pay for it. One woman saw a man carry out eight pounds of butter at one time. The crookedness, selfishness, greed and graft of the crooked politicians is making one gigantic racket out of the new deal, and it is making this a nation of dead-beats and beggars and if it continues the people who will work will soon be nothing but slaves for the pampered poverty rats and I am afraid these human parasites are going to become a menace to the country unless they are disfranchised. No one should have the right to vote theirself a living at the expense of the taxpayers. They learned their strength at the last election and also learned that they can get just about what they want by "voting right." They have had a taste of their coveted life of idleness, and at the rate they are increasing, they will soon control the country. The twentieth child arrived in the home of one chronic reliefer near here some time ago. Is it any wonder the taxpayers are discouraged by all this penalizing of thrift and industry to reward shiftlessness, or that the whole country is on the brink of chaos?

Sound familiar??? History does repeat itself when we refuse to learn from it. Even the Department of Fish and Game tells us, "Don't Feed The Animals!"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pelosi Briefed in 2002 About Enhanced Interrogation Methods

Honestly, is anyone surprised by this story? Everyone knows she is about as dishonest as they come. She is 3rd in line to be President!! Be afraid very afraid!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


After fifteen years of service in the United States Marine Corps, I have often stated to others that I believe everyone could benefit from a little time in the military. I do not say this to offer support for a mandatory enlistment program. I am actually against such a program. I say this because there are many positive lessons that can be learned in a short amount of time in the military. These lessons encompass just about everything a person needs in life in order to be successful in any endeavor. Discipline, bearing, decision making skills, I can go on all day but I do not mean for this to sound like a recruiting commercial. In my opinion the two most important traits that are acquired in military service are leadership and integrity.

It is painfully obvious after President Obama's first 100 days in office that he has never served in the military, not that this is his fault. I am sure he would be the first to say that he is not to blame for his absence of service in the military, and this is indirectly the point I want to concentrate on. I am not pompous, but feel more than qualified to offer this lesson to our Commander in Chief, should he be inclined to listen to anyone for a change.

I have learned over time that the higher rank you achieve in the military, the more missions and tasks you become responsible for. Once you have climbed the ladder high enough, you can no longer attempt to accomplish tasks on your own, but must delegate them to the troops you are in charge of. This is identified as, "Delegation of Authority." This is where leadership becomes more complicated, as you can no longer merely count on yourself to get things accomplished, but must train, instruct, and trust that your junior troops are going to accomplish the mission on your behalf. If you are a good leader you will be pleased with the results most of the time, but once in a while your superiors will not be pleased with the results of what they assigned to YOU for completion. I capitalized the "YOU" because you, as the leader, are responsible for the results. When things go bad you can not shift the blame on your workers. After all you were responsible for them. In the same regard, your superiors (if they are worth a cup of coffee) don't march you into their superiors office to explain why the mission failed, they take their own responsibility for it.

Apparently President Obama hasn't grasped this idea as of yet. He likes to blame everyone else when he or his troops (cabinet) make mistakes. Most recently it was the "Scare Force One" fiasco, where he claimed to know nothing about it but promised to look into it and the Biden "Swine Flu Fear Mongering" where he sent his minions out to explain what Joe, "meant to say." Not long ago it was the Saudi King incident where he clearly bowed to the leader, but rather than admit error, insulted everyone's intelligence by claiming it was not a bow. I've also not seen any "oops" or "my bad" from the DVD gift fiasco, knowledge of the AIG bonuses in the bailout package, attempting to force war veterans to pay for their own medical care...I could go on all day but I think you get the point. He seems to not take responsibility for any mistakes he or his cabinet makes. This is not a positive trait for the most powerful leadership position in the world.

Allow me to use a non-military analogy to simplify this. I live in military housing (I know I said non-military, bear with me). Military housing is like a subdivision. There are rules like many subdivisions have stating acceptable levels of cleanliness, what may be displayed, etc. I, being a father of three children; aged 12, 14, and 17, have been known to delegate some of my yardwork to them. If I delegate authority to them to mow the lawn, and they do a poor job, or don't complete it at all, I may receive a citation from the housing office for failing to maintain the grounds on my property. If this happens, what do you think my recourse is to go before the housing board and argue to them that it isn't my fault, as I assigned it to my kids and they didn't do it? Or, better yet, what if I claim that my children "meant to" do it properly? Exactly!!! After being laughed at for such a silly defense, I would probably be informed that it was my responsiblity to see that the job was done, and that I cannot blame my children. You see, leaders generally learn the rule early on that you can delegate authority, but you can never delegate responsibility.

This, Mr. President, is a simple lesson that you should learn if you wish to be taken seriously as "LEADER of the free world."

Friday, May 1, 2009


Okay, it's know, the day everyone is in a good mood because the weekend has arrived. What?? You say you cannot be excited this weekend because of the looming swine flu pandemic that is going to destroy the world?? After all, even our Vice President has stated that he would not ride in any closed in airplane, subway, or any other mass transit device for that matter, and would only seek out open fields to commune and sneeze in. So we should hide in our homes, gripped in fear of the mighty H1N1 which will probably bring about the end of the world, right? I have become ever-increasingly suspect of all the "chicken littles" spreading fear, chief of those the liberal media who has a history of fear-mongering for political gain. I decided to check out a few statistics, in the hope that I might be able to assist in putting people at ease to enjoy the weekend, piggy-flu free.

Did you know that the Center For Disease Control estimates that 36,000 people in the United States die each year from the flu? Now I know you're saying, Ron, that doesn't make us feel any better about our livelihood, but allow me to pontificate a little further please. The number of confirmed deaths from the "swine flu" so far are 7!!! That's right, the media has been reporting this coming armageddon-like pandemic for a couple of weeks now and the death toll is at 7!! I also add the important fact that all deaths have been in Mexico, minus one who was from Mexico, and later transported to Texas. So this begs the question...why is the media over hyping this? Why is the President and Vice President playing this up so much? I don't claim to know for sure, and this may be a stretch of a theory, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with the coming government socialized healthcare plan that Obama will be lobbying for soon. I could be wrong but I know one of the liberals (statists) favorite tactics to enact their flawed programs is through scaring Americans. Even Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama's mafia enforcer has been quoted as saying,

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Hmmmm, in my line of work we call that a CLUE. The entertaining thought in this lies with the 7 deaths that have been confirmed, not that they, in themselves are entertaining. What I am saying is all seven deaths were Mexicans, which has a government run healthcare program, probably quite similar to the one Barry is going to lobby for in our land. Certainly I'm not the only one shaking my head about that concept.