Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Fine American Kids Organization Corrupted

I guess at this point I shouldn't be surprised. If the Statists want to force their socialist plans on this country, the long term plan would have to be reeducation of our youth. This begins in the schools and with social organizations such as the Boy and Girl Scouts. I have linked to a news article which should make any conservative family with a daughter in the Girl Scouts cringe.


This is just another example of how we have arrived at a time in this country where a recent Rasmussen poll found that capitalism is preferred over socialism by a mere 53% of our population! This did not happen overnight, and certainly not by accident. Over the last few generations parents have become complacent in raising their children. Over the past 30 years parents have convinced themselves that it is more important that both parents work full time, in order to provide material items for themselves and their children, rather than providing a moral foundation for their adult lives. Statists have seized this opportunity as a chance to influence entire generations of our children away from our beliefs in liberty and freedom, and toward their beliefs of "from each, according to his ability...to each, according to their need" marxist philosophies.

Don't believe me??? I challenge you to go look at your child's history book and look at how American History is being taught in public schools. Look at what the Girl Scouts have become. Look at all of the legal battles the Boy Scouts have faced over the past 20 years. Look at what has been removed from public schools...prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, American Flags, etc.

Do you think this is mere coincidence? We have made the bed, and now we must lie in it. We have spent the last few decades trying so hard to provide a better life for our kids than we had growing up, that we have failed to teach our children the proper way to provide a better life for themselves.

Here is the irony of it all. Our children, once grown and indoctrinated in socialist philosophies from our public schools, will not only fail to appreciate how hard you have worked to make a good life for them, but will vote and support laws and policies which will take away the capital and material items you have earned through your hard work, and redistribute them to other families that would not work for a living. Not to sound too much like a pessimist, but I fear this is irreversible.

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