Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Remember that frequent statement during the campaign and especially the debates where President Obama assured the American people that 95% of us were going to get a tax cut? Now I believe a fair percentage of us knew that was a load of excrement the minute the promise left Barry's lips, but for the rest of you, let's do a little math.

At the beginning of his presidency, President Obama lowered the withholding percentages on our income taxes and bragged that he had cut our taxes. Unfortunately, the government run school systems have degraded the intelligence of our average citizens enough that many actually think that was a tax cut. All this did was lower the amount withheld in advance for income tax payments in the future by around $13 a check. At the end of the year you will still owe the same, or more likely, a far greater amount to the federal government...long story short, you've been bamboozled (it's my new goal to include "bamboozled" in my posts once a week, I have no reasoning for this)

Now let's explore some of the costs President Obama has already introduced on the American people during the infancy of his administration.

Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Energy Bill= $1,600 per family
Stimulus payments for dead people= ???
Obama's Budget Expenditures= $3.6 trillion (estimated intake 2.3 trillion...where do you think the extra 1.3 trillion is coming from??

Now that's some fuzzy math!!! So in what area of your life is Obama helping you America?? I didn't even include the bailout punishments where you, the honest American who pays their mortgage and other bills get tasked with paying the bills of the freeloaders who aren't. healthcare?? Is that what you're going with?? One needs look no further than our friends in Canada to see how well that will work out. Go ahead and do the research. Start with a little google magic on the name Belinda Stronach, a liberal member of Canadian parliament who snuck around behind the back of her own socialized healthcare system to get her surgery in California.

I ask again, after doing a little research of your own I challenge any "working" "legal" American to tell me where Obama is making your life better!

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