Saturday, July 31, 2010

Francis Howell Class of 1990 (20 Year Retrospective)

This weekend is the 20th Reunion of my graduating class. I have to admit that it is hard to remember the young man I was 20 years ago. I have forgotten a great many things over the years but I seem to remember a great deal of the memories made during high school. I am not sure if all graduating classes feel this way, but I know that I feel as though my graduating class was pretty close for a large school. I thought I would take a little time to reminisce since I am unable to attend our reunion.

Our school was not your typical campus, converted from an Army barracks into a high school. The geographic placement was also fairly original, as it rested just down the street from a nuclear dump. I am still waiting for the effects of that to start kicking in. Maybe I can blame my gray hair on that and file a lawsuit. I'll have to look into that. I think Greg Spencer is a lawyer these days. Greg, give me a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

I suppose I will start by thanking a few people and sharing some memories...

Andrew Workman- Thank you for creating so many humorous moments throughout the high school experience. I believe we invented "tag team pizza delivery" and are certainly owed some type of royalties from anyone who performs it each day. Additionally, I am surprised Greg still communicates with us, as often as we ganged up on him in English class. However, the most memorable moments were our math classes. That split lunch class with Mrs. Bien was priceless. Stating "let's just go to lunch" as soon as she initiated the first complicated problem each day still makes me laugh, and if that didn't work then "it doesn't matter" certainly brought a smile. It was great to see you at the 10 year reunion and I'm glad we still keep in touch.

Jeff Lindeval- Actually, the funniest memory I have of Jeff took place in Junior High School. Our show choir traveled to Washington D.C. to compete at the Kennedy Center. We were staying in a Hotel and; go figure, as junior high kids we were being a little rowdy in our rooms. Mr. Gaston had come down to shut us up and make us go to bed on a couple of occasions. Shortly after one of these incidents Jeff, in his underwear, went trotting down the (outdoor) catwalk to Mr. Gastons room and in a voice only Jeff could create, chanted, "I'm not sleeping!" and trotted back down the catwalk to our room. I know I'm not the only one who remembers this.

Rick Donnelly- I have to thank you for always being in a great mood. I honestly don't ever remember you being in a bad mood. I also must thank you for expanding my vocabulary to include the word, "Pshaw." Also, remember the day we skipped school with Brad Schoonover and tried to steal that dog that looked like Spuds Mackenzie? I just remembered it as I was typing this...priceless! You are a good friend and I am glad that we still communicate as well.

I want to thank whoever it was that talked me out of hanging a blow-up gumby from our infamous water tower. I realize now that it was; in fact, a bad idea.

I wish to apologize to the entire graduating class for owning so many complete piece of crap cars throughout the high school experience. I realize what a diminished reputation it gave our student parking lot, especially the AMC Pacer. Though it did create a few rat-racing memories on Hwy 94. Speaking of student parking lot memories...remember when Mark Maynard drove over the parking slab and ripped his entire gas tank off of his car...or Bubba Barish locking his keys in his vehicle with it running and blasting....I don't remember what music he was playing anymore, but it was loud.

I recall what activists we were when we stood up and walked out in the middle of class to protest the teachers' contract dispute with the district. I also recall over half of us not actually going to the flagpole to protest, as instructed, but rather leaving campus and going to Taco Bell for lunch. We were dedicated to the cause!!!

Rich Kurtz- We rode a bus together for many years and lived but a few miles from each other, but we never really hung out in High School. We still don't really know why. It's funny how good a friend you've become over the years and even funnier that every time I come to town we discuss this at great length once we've consumed enough beer. I do recall us both harassing poor Mr. Wong regularly in Junior High.

Brad Kertz- We've maintained a great friendship for a long, long, long time now. If I started with memories I could never finish this article. You are as good of a friend as a guy could ever have. Okay I'm done being sappy...remember when you told the "first teacher in space" joke in the field at the Busch Wildlife Area and set (how many acres was it) on fire? Also, I just remembered when we used to sing the soprano's part in choir and purposely sing "flat" in order to get them in trouble with Ms. Wilson (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-BAAHHHH!)

Greg Chatmon- Yes, we did quite a job of terrorizing Ms. Wilson our freshman year. I am amazed that we still remember some of the words to the song we wrote. Hope you've recovered from that accident the other month.

Jason Humphreys- We go way back to St. Peters Junior Football League...good times. I can't believe I don't remember more funny memories involving you since you are one of the funniest people I've ever met, but I do think you were in the car the day I got the bright idea to drive through that 6-7 ft snow plow drift on the way home from school. It was quite a shock when we discovered, upon hitting it, that it was frozen, causing the event to not quite take place how we originally envisioned it.

David Lindherst (sp?)- We were supposed to be running 5-6 miles for track I think when we decided it would be fun to pull the wooden pole out of the ground that was holding the Busch Wildlife rental boats in place. I don't remember how long we rowed around that lake laughing about the event, but it was definitely a funny memory.

Brad Schoonover- Like Jason, we go way back with the foosball. You were involved in a lot of the "shenanigans" including the Spuds Mackenzie story. You were also my partner in TP'ing a house or two. I recall our challenge of TP'ing DeeDee Hall's house three weekends in a row. That was quite a feat. We can also confirm that it is most assuredly a "small world" as we somehow ended up on the same tiny island of Okinawa 4 years after High School in the Marine Corps, having had no contact in the years between. Hope you are doing well.

I am sure I am missing a thousand other events but these are the ones that popped into my head while writing. If you come across this article and wish to add memories or events that I have forgotten please do so...just ensure that the statute of limitations is up on anything involving me.

In laughing at old memories I also find it important to note that over 20 years of reflection and maturation, it becomes clear just how self-absorbed we can become during our teenage years. I can look back now and see that on many occasions I was quite do I put this...Bag of Douche? I can see clearly that I was a pompous, self-serving, jerk at times. I'm sure most of us can look back and see that we were on occasion. Having teenage children of my own now I believe it comes naturally with those years....or maybe I was the only douchebag in the class of 90, anything's possible I suppose. Nonetheless, a few apologies are in order:

Dave Boucher (Class of 89)- I must apologize to you for throwing up on your bush. I understand that it is a large tree now, but it still doesn't look quite right.

Brad Schoonover- I made you late for football practice one day for my own selfish reasons. I am thoroughly sorry for that.

Brian Olsen- Our valedictorian...I am incredibly sorry for my part in transforming you from a scholar into a drinking, White Castle pickle throwing, trash-talking, Eddie Murphy reciting joker. It was a good memory, though.

Bill Wolf- I vaguely recall that you and I had a fistfight once, and I think I may have been the person who initiated it. This went completely against how I was raised and I was probably merely trying to show off for someone else. Complete jerkery (it's my word) on my part and I apologize.

The Entire Show Choir- I apologize for my part in TP'ing all of your homes, as well as stuffing one of your (don't remember who) cars with packing peanuts.

To sum up the "douchebaggery" section, I stated earlier that self-absorption comes naturally during those years, but I have to take time to take a step back and recognize that some never displayed selfish behavior.

Billy Kaimann (Rest In Peace)- Bill was always just about the nicest guy you ever wanted to meet. As popular as he was in high school, I don't recall him ever being unkind to anyone. We had some hilarious memories with Gary Gose in French class. I remember us driving the teacher nuts when we wouldn't stop turning on the french music on the stereo during his lecture. God bless you Bill!! You will always be remembered. Your wife Sandy (Gutleber) Kaimann deserves to be on this list as well.

Brad Kertz- Mentioned earlier, but belongs in this section as well. You don't have a mean bone in your body...don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

Chrissy Kriegermeier- whatever happened to you I am sure it involves success. You were always positive and never mean to anyone.

Andrew Workman- Again, mentioned earlier, but rates this section as well...even though he still owes me a can of tennis balls.

As stated earlier, I believe we had a pretty tight graduating class. We had a large class, so there are people I never really had a chance to get to know. There are always the different "clicks" but for the most part, there were a lot of great memories. The old water tower, the nuclear dump, the equidome, the boat docks, New Melle well water, the 5mph senior parade, the list goes on and on. Congratulations on 20 years Francis Howell Class of 1990.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Where Are You Ronald Reagan? The Belly Has Taken Command of the Head!!

I have to be honest. I haven't been feeling the creative juices this last week. Thus, I haven't written anything in almost a week. I sat down this morning looking for a little inspiration. As is often the case, I needed to look no further than the words of Ronald Reagan. If you scan through his speeches and writings, it is apparent that he was able to see the socialized nation we were becoming. His famous speech in 1964 to the Republican National Convention gave us great insight to his wisdom and his knowledge that we were already headed down the road to socialism. I linked a video of that speech last year here:

What I found this morning in one of my favorite books, "The Common Sense of an Uncommon Man" by Michael Reagan, was a quote from an address he made at the Eisenhower College in 1969. In this address, he described the parallels between the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and our own plight as a nation. He spoke of how the Roman Empire declined and collapsed in it's third century, but showed warning signs of it's demise late in the second century. This speech was given nearing the end of our second century as a nation (1969) and Reagan mentioned that, stating:

"It has been pointed out that the days of democracy are numbered once the belly takes command of the head. When the less affluent feel the urge to break a commandment and begin to covet that which their more affluent neighbors possess, they are tempted to use their votes to obtain instant satisfaction. Then equal opportunity at the starting line becomes an extended guarantee of at least a tie at the finish line. Under the euphemism "the greatest good for the greatest number," we destroy a system which has accomplished just that and move toward the managed economy which strangles freedom and mortgages generations yet to come."

We were blessed enough to slow this march toward socialism down for eight years under President Reagan's tutelage. Unfortunately, under a constant barrage of propaganda from the statist liberal politicians and the main stream media, The lazy population of bums (yeah, I said it) who believe the government is responsible to take care of their every want and need is feeling more entitled to hard-working Americans money than ever.

Our current Commander in Chief is more than happy to pour gasoline on the fire as well. He has basically started his own war on every successful inch of the private sector in this nation. We are getting ready to experience the largest tax increase in our nations history next year. Meanwhile, the money from your pockets will continue to bail out banks and other businesses that are deemed "too big to fail" so that the government can gain influence over the private sector. Our money will continue to be spent on extending, extending, and E-X-T-E-N-D-I-N-G some more, unemployment benefits because, as Nancy Pelosi said, unemployment benefits "creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name." Yes!! She said that, and of course, she will get yet another pass from the state-run media. In fact, as often as Nancy Pelosi releases completely illogical stupidity into the air, I am guessing they laminated her a permanent "pass" that she keeps around her neck to show them, when necessary.

I suppose the administration must make such moves to please the people who elected "spread the wealth" Obama and celebrated his election with educated phrases such as,

"I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, If I help him, he's gonna help me." --Peggy Joseph--

I honestly don't know why so many people make fun of Ms. Joseph. She was pretty accurate in summing up exactly what he has; in fact, done to this point.

Could you imagine what President Reagan would have said about the lines of citizens in Detroit waiting for "Obama Money"??? They don't even know where the money comes from!!! Really!!! Seriously!!! If we continue at this pace they most assuredly will know where the money comes from, because the working class will shrink to the point that the lazy bums will outnumber them. One day they will go to pick up their free "Obama Money" and find that the free-ride has ended. That is how socialism ends, by the way. We need merely look to the past to see how this story ends.

Yes, President Reagan, the belly has taken command of the head and it is not a pretty sight. I pray you are unable to see what is taking place down here to our once great nation. You worked so hard throughout the duration of your life to prevent just such an occurrence. You do not need to feel the pain of our demise.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


If it were not for my daughter, I would have never come across this article by NPR and I’m guessing nobody else would have either since they have about a dozen followers.

This article sounds innocent enough. “Eating Nutritiously a Struggle When Money is Scarce” but quickly digresses into a bleeding-heart emotional boohooery (it’s my word and I’ll use it when I want) of complete garbage as only NPR can provide.

I only write about this idiotic article because it is a good example of what the left tries to do to win supporters over to their illogical, power-grabbing policies. They break out their section of violins and attempt to get people so emotionally overwhelmed with empathy and compassion, that they do not dig deeper than the symbolic surface to find logical substance underneath

Many will read the article and simply think that it’s just terrible that so many are struggling and cannot provide nutritious meals for their children. The government should do something about this…insert statist power-grab here. They’ve just gained one more supporter of redistributing wealth. Let’s examine a few lines from the article beyond the emotions, utilizing common sense and logic.

But Alex, who lives in Carlisle, Pa., is one of 17 million children who live in U.S. households where getting enough food is a challenge.”

I would love to know where they came up with the 17 million statistic. According to government statistics, in 2009 there were 74.5 million children in America. So, according to the writer of this article, 23% of children in the United States don’t get enough food…oh, wait…that’s right, they vagueified (my word creation also) the sentence into “getting enough food is a challenge” which pretty much gives them free reign to make up whatever number they want. What exactly defines “challenge” in getting enough food?

"When he gets up on his own, he'll go find what he wants," she says. "He'll get a hot dog bun, or get a piece of bread. He'll get an ice pop or something."

And that's exactly what he did early one morning, before his family headed out to the local food pantry. Alex ate a blue ice pop for breakfast.”


Also, note that they were headed out to the local food pantry…we’ll discuss that more later.

Hunger in America is complicated. It's not just getting enough food, but getting the right food — and making the right choices.”

Please, say this exact line to a humanitarian aid worker in a starving African nation and see what response you get. I doubt that a Mom over there would complain about her son eating an icy pop for breakfast.

Connie Williamson says it's not easy on a tight budget. She spends hours driving around each month looking for deals. She has to stretch $600 in food stamps for herself, her husband, Alex and two teenage girls.”

Now we’ve reached the meat and potatoes of the article. That’s right, folks! This poor family has to survive on $600 worth of food stamps. It’s horrible how they’re expected to make it on a $600 handout. REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??? Have we truly reached that level of spoiled entitlement-minded hell, that Americans feel perfectly confident in receiving $600 free dollars from hard-working Americans and complaining that it’s not enough in the same breath? As Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, “I would rather you just said Thank you, and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to!”

If you substitute “get a job” for “pick up a weapon” and “earn your own money” for “stand a post” it fits perfectly.

But when Alex was thirsty after a walk, his mother gave him a plastic water bottle filled with orange soda.”

"A gallon of milk is $3-something. A bottle of orange soda is 89 cents," she says. "Do the math."

Wow!! Now this might be the stupidest statement in the entire article. HOW ABOUT WATER??? Last time I checked a glass of water was much cheaper than either, and was much better at quenching a child’s thirst. What idiocy!!! Also, if she’s talking about a 20 ounce bottle of soda, she’s trying to compare it with a 128 ounce gallon of milk…BRILLIANT!!!

The White House agrees. First lady Michelle Obama recently welcomed hundreds of chefs on the White House lawn. She was encouraging them to volunteer at schools to help cafeteria workers, students and their parents learn how to prepare more nutritious meals.”

Insert political agenda of the entire article HERE.

"She noted that almost a third of U.S. children are overweight."

"Good nutrition at school is more important than ever," she told the chefs. "A major key to giving our children a healthy future will be to pass a strong child nutrition bill."

Statist power-grab insertion mentioned earlier.

President Obama has asked Congress for a billion dollars more a year to do things like make school lunches healthier and to expand access to subsidized meals for low-income children.”

Redistribution of wealth sneaks in through the side door

The refrigerator and pantry are often filled with food — but the family sometimes has to go to the local soup kitchen to make ends meet.”

More violins…in case you were beginning to wake up from their earlier spell. I know, I know…I’m so insensitive!!

He says he especially doesn't like it when his mother makes Brussels sprouts for dinner.

His 14-year-old sister, Beanna, tries to explain.

"He more or less just worries about if there's going to be enough food that he likes or if we have something that he likes," she says. "He's really picky about what he wants."

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up you ate what your parents put in front of you. I’m guessing that had my parents been on the government cheese (yeah, I said it) they would have been even less sympathetic to a picky child.

As Beanna talks, Alex goes to the refrigerator for some chocolate. He gets upset when his sister tells him he can only have one piece.”

I can’t even comment anymore on this article. This has become so insane!!! Poor kid only gets one piece of chocolate…what has America become when a family living on government entitlements can only get one piece of chocolate. OH THE SHAME!!!

"We can't really complain that the poor are heavier, when what we're donating is our kind of castaways," she says.”

They even take the time to complain about the people who donate food to the needy. Priceless!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


A good friend of mine from high school, Andrew (hope you don’t mind the name drop, Dru) informed me that our friends over at the NAACP have a pledge on their site that can be filled out electronically to support being an “NAACP American” and “repudiate racism within the Tea Party.” He suggested that maybe the majority of us who find their stance on issues to be biased and hypocritical should print this pledge off, rather than filling it out electronically, and write on it that the NAACP has no credibility with the American People so long as they refuse to address and condemn all racism, to include the most recent incidents involving members of the New Black Panther Party.

I think this is a great idea and will have mine in the mail today. If you are disgusted as well with the recent events which reveal such bias on the part of the NAACP, please support this effort and let them know they, in fact, do not have the support of the American people in any way, shape, or form. Just look at their hypocritical pledge:

* I believe all Americans have equal rights and equal value.

* I cherish the diverse cultures, beliefs, and values of America.

* I believe we can disagree without being disagreeable.

* I repudiate all acts of racism and hate, both in words and action.

* I have faith in the promise of America – a promise built on mutual respect, common civility, and hope for a better tomorrow.

* I commit to building that better America by participating actively and peacefully in the democratic process.

We are one people. We are one nation. I’m an NAACP American

If this is what they truly believe then why are they spending their days condemning the Tea Party and not saying a word against men who called upon the killing of “crackers” and “their cracker babies”????

Let’s flood the NAACP with mail that lets them know just how out of touch their organization is with America. I have a limited viewership of my blog, and would ask any of my fellow conservative bloggers to link and/or re-post this so that we can get as many letters as possible stuffed into their mailbox at the NAACP Headquarters. The address is below.

National Headquarters
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore MD 21215
Local: (410) 580-5777
Toll Free: (877) NAACP-98

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Black Panther Party 10 Most Wanted List

On the heels of King Samir Shabazz’s recent video, the New Black Panther Party immediately circled the wagons and offered support for their vocal comrade. Malik Zulu (you guessed it) Shabazz has been very vocal in defending his gang of racists and their tactics. Today the group went a step further and released their Top 10 Most Wanted List.


Does anyone really like these anyway? Would anyone miss them if they were obliterated by the Shabazz family? I think not.


Again, other than crumbling them in your soup once in a while, would they be missed? King Samir voiced his personal hatred toward the saltine, claiming his uncle once choked to death on a saltine when a white man wouldn’t give him any water. Samir claims the Saltine Devil has been oppressing the black man for decades.


Rumored to have gone into hiding after discovering they were on this list, Wheat Thins seem to have had success thus far posing as cardboard.


A large number of men with the last name Shabazz have openly cursed the Club Cracker. Claiming the name sounds like the cracker thinks it’s better than everyone else and is elitist in nature. The New Black Panther Party has identified the need to eradicate the cracker from the earth.


The Chicken in a Biscuit Cracker has an up and down history with the organization. Having once been praised and accepted within the party, their relationship soured when party members found out there was no actual chicken in the biscuit. This caused a deep hatred to form within the organization toward the cracker they now claim was an “undercover cracker” planted in the organization by the white devils.


Nobody really knows why the Shabazz Militia has a death wish for animal crackers.


Oyster Crackers obviously made the list. The organization claims that only white people eat Oyster Crackers, and therefore, they must be destroyed. Also, they look like little “cracker babies”


Nothing sounds more like rich, successful, white man than “Ritz”. Because of their obvious hatred towards and stance against people who hold down jobs for a living and actually work to afford the crackers they buy, the capitalist-sounding “Ritz” Cracker ranks high on their hit list.


King Samir said it the best in his highly educational speech the other day, “you gonna have ta kill some crackas! You gonna have ta kill some a their babies!” Run Ritz Bits!!! Run!!!


The ultimate hated cracker of the New Black Panther Party. Why, you ask? You don’t understand how such a wholesome cracker with a touch of sweetness could be so hated by this organization. It’s quite simple really. Graham Crackers make Smores. Smores give the world the message that marshmallow and chocolate can live together in harmony, even melt together and form a better flavor along with the Graham Cracker. This type of thought process cannot be tolerated or allowed to exist by the Super Smart Shabazz’s, or Triple S, as I sometimes refer to them. The Graham Cracker is the ultimate Anti-Shabazz, preaching the peaceful coexistence of all races. Beware, Honey Graham, Cinnamon Graham, Golden Graham, and even Teddy Graham. They are hunting you down.

The New Black Panther Party has recently been demonstrating they mean business in regards to this new list. It has been reported that for the last three days they have held vigil with their night sticks beneath the tree of the Keebler Elves, constantly taunting and intimidating them to prevent the creation of new crackers. Attorney General Eric Holder is declining to prosecute the case.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cracka Killa For Hire...Contact King Samir Shabazz


A lifetime dedicated to racism toward crackers. Possesses the perfect amount of ignorance and hatred to take care of biznizz.


School of Racial Hatred


Employed by New Black Panther Party, specialize in voter intimidation and wielding of nightsticks. Also possess experience in racial threats


Night Sticks



What's all the fuss about. He seems like a clean-cut, upstanding gentleman to me. Hard to believe he would have a problem being successful in this country. I'm actually surprised he hasn't been nominated for a position in Obama's cabinet yet. He would fit right in with the other Marxists. Seriously, the only difference between this clown and Van Jones is a suit and some veiled tact.

Little Known Disease Estimated to Effect Millions

I have recently been made aware of a little known disease that tens of thousands may be suffering from, and not even know it. It is a very difficult to diagnose disorder that effects brain function, and causes it’s victims to say and/or do incredibly irresponsible, often idiotic things. This disorder is known quite simply as douchebaggery, or “DB”. Long term this disorder can lead to an inability to function normally in society, and may cause a more serious condition known as Misfortune Due to Douchebaggery Syndrome, or “MDTD”.

Those that suffer from DB and/or MDTD may experience loss of respect, loss of possessions, loss of friends and family. Symptoms include exaggerated feelings of confidence, overinflated ego, loose lips, problems with law enforcement and/or any authority figures, inability to speak at a low volume, laughing hysterically at own jokes, association with liberals and progressives, inability to hold down a career, urges to install mufflers on cars that sound like weed-whackers, wearing of sunglasses indoors, wearing of Che Guevara shirts, flexing of muscles in public places, belittling of the opposite sex, desire to wear pants at knee level, desire to tell everyone exactly how much you’ve had to drink, purchasing of wheels that cost more than their car, urge to wear fake tanning products, bleaching the tips of your hair, and countless others.

Do you or somebody you love suffer from DB or MDTD?? Unfortunately there is currently no cure for either disorder. Recent studies have indicated positive results in 25% of patients from a treatment known as “punch to the throat” or PTT, but further testing is required. If you suffer from DB or MDTD you are not alone. Some very famous people also suffer from this heartbreaking condition:

Kanye West (DB)

Paris Hilton (DB)

Lindsey Lohan (MDTD)

Britney Spears (MDTD)

Alec Baldwin (MDTD)

Rosie O’Donnell (MDTD)

Brad Pitt (DB)

Barbra Streisand (DB)

Sean Penn (DB)

Matt Damon (DB)

Tim Robbins (DB)

Leonardo Dicaprio (DB)

Michael Moore (DB)

Too many liberal politicians to mention, though Alan Grayson, Bob Etheridge, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid must be…also anyone who thinks an island can “tip over” Hank Johnson.

I was recently made aware of a website owned by a writer who obviously suffers from advanced stages of the disease ( Thanks to Sharon from for providing this information and I am hoping maybe we could set up an intervention to try to get this website author to accept the help he so desperately needs to combat the DB which causes him to spew idiotic, mindless thoughts.

Recently, a “Douche Off” was conducted to raise money and draw attention to this not-so-rare disorder. I pray someday we will find a cure.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Obama’s Foreign Policy With Israel…A Trip to Bizarro World

Over the past year and a half under President Obama, I can note many decisions his regime has made which are disturbing at best. Nothing; however, goes more against the grain of everything our nation has stood for than the antagonistic stance we have taken towards Israel.

President Obama has gone to great lengths to weaken our relationship with Israel, at times behaving in a completely disrespectful manner toward Prime Minister Netanyahu. The current administration has taken a very stern, almost confrontational attitude with Israel. This is extremely irresponsible and ill-advised. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you why.

***Warning…the content about to be discussed will contain references to God and Christianity. If you are an atheist or have a problem with people talking about Christianity and/or God, please feel free to not read the rest of this article. I wouldn’t want to waste time you could be spending consorting with the ACLU to have the Ten Commandments removed from a courtroom somewhere in our nation.***

Israel, first and foremost, has always been our ally. They are the only ally we have in the middle east. We have always supported them and they, in turn, have always supported us. Israel is sacred. Israel is a blessed land given to the Jews by God. The Jews are God’s chosen people.

Deuteronomy 7:6-8 says “6 For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession. 7 The Lord did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples. 8 But it was because the Lord loved you and kept the oath he swore to your forefathers that he brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the land of slavery, from the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt.

President Obama has done many things that I believe are bad for our nation, both economically and morally, but I firmly believe that a continued lack of support for the nation of Israel by the United States will be the single decision that dooms our nation.

I wholeheartedly believe that the birth of our great nation was God-inspired. The founding fathers, contrary to how liberals have twisted their meanings over the years, founded our nation upon God. The “separation of church and state” was to prevent the government from sponsoring or forcing any one national religion on the people, i.e. The Church of England, which had most certainly left a bad taste in their mouths from the extreme corruption and politicism involved with a state sponsored religion. Their intent was most certainly not to disallow nativity scenes or the ten commandments from government property, quite the opposite. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some quotes:

The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principals of Christianity… I will avow that I believed and now believe that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.” **John Adams**

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." **John Adams**

“ He who made all men hath made the truths necessary to human happiness obvious to all… Our forefathers opened the Bible to all.” **Samuel Adams**

“ God governs in the affairs of man. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? We have been assured in the Sacred Writings that except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. I firmly believe this. I also believe that, without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel” **Benjamin Franklin**

“God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift from God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.” **Thomas Jefferson***

This last quote is almost prophetic. Can our liberties be considered secure when we have removed God, the one who gives us the liberties in the first place? As much as the liberal history re-writers have tried to remove this fact from existence, our nation was founded upon God and Christian principles.

The bible clearly identifies the Jews as God’s chosen people. I confidently believe we have been blessed as a nation. I further believe that God has blessed our nation over the past 60+ years for our support of the nation of Israel. The day we turn our backs on Israel we can expect to find ourselves on the wrong end of God’s “justice” that “cannot sleep forever.”

Even if you are not a Christian, putting Obama’s foreign policy decisions in perspective has to make you raise an eyebrow. He is continually distancing himself from Israel, and at the same time he is constantly cozying himself up to muslim nations. You know, the ones which chant ‘death to America’ in their streets and who’s own Koran tells them to convert or kill all non-believers. Oh, and I almost forgot…it has been almost nine years but they did murder about 3,000 innocent civilians in our land, but I’m sure they’ll make great new allies.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Weekend That Wasn't To Be...A Tragedy in Four Parts

Let me preface this story by letting everyone know that it has nothing to do with politics. It was my intent to be about 8,000 feet into the mountains of Arizona right now, not typing a blog. So, I thought, if I cannot enjoy camping and trout fishing like I had planned, I can at least make a few people laugh with a story of my misfortune.

The plan was set in motion a few weeks family and two other families from work would take a five hour drive into the mountains and camp for the 4th of July weekend. It would be a great chance to get out of the 110+ degree temperatures in the desert of Yuma. I had Friday through Sunday off, but had to work the night shift Thursday night. I arrived home about 8am on Friday morning, intent on loading the minivan and heading out. I figured by 2 or 3pm I would be comfortable in the cool mountains napping in a hammock. I couldn't wait!

I began hauling items to the van and that is when I received my first sign that things were not going to go as planned. As I walked past the front of the vehicle I noticed a completely flattened left front tire. No big deal!! I put down my stuff and began getting the spare out from under the vehicle. It was a full size wheel so I figured, minor 3:30 or 4pm I'll be in my hammock. I changed the tire, not without some difficulty, as the last person to remove that wheel had torqued the lugnuts to the point that it almost required a small nuclear explosion to remove them. Nonetheless, mission accomplished.

We loaded the van up and hit the road. Problem number 2...once on the interstate I began feeling a pulse on the steering wheel. There was a slight vibration and instantly I began running through my head the possibilities. Tire poorly balanced, suspension problem, and about three other possibilities. I knew this was going to crush my son, who was quite possibly looking forward to the weekend even more than I was, but I wasn't going to risk a five hour drive and the possibility of being stranded in the middle of the desert on whatever was causing the problem. This was the first of two good decisions I made this day.

We turned and headed back to the house. I felt bad enough for my son that I decided that we would still go camping at Mittry Lake, which was only about 6 miles from home. I also decided that we would hook the boat up to my truck and take two vehicles to the lake. This turned out to be the final good decision I made this day. Well, at least we were still going camping, though it would now be in the heated desert. I decided that swimming in the lake and finding a nice, palm tree shaded spot would make it okay.

We arrived without incident. We began unloading the van and I took the truck to the ramp to unload the boat. Before long things were clicking...boat in the water...boat driven back to our camping spot...a short walk back to my truck and trailer...truck and trailer back to the camping spot. No further issues, but I did notice I was beginning to feel a bit fatigued. I decided it was time for me to rest and relax like I had planned. I received a text from our friends that were at the campsite we were planning on being at. They wanted me to call them. The only problem with this was I had no signal at the campsite. I knew I had a signal back at the main road before going into the camping area, so I drove the van out there to call them. After finishing my call, I turned around to head back to camp and BOOOOMM...there went the right front tire! Now this event sucks for a number of reasons. First, the van is now stuck out here as I do not have a spare tire in my possession. Second, I am about two miles from camp, which I will have to walk in the desert heat. Third, I am wearing flip-flops.

I begin my little 30 minute desert death march like many, mumbling to myself about better decisions I could have made to avoid my current trouble, and finishing it with a sense of relief that I could now find a shady place to sit and sulk a while. After drinking about a half gallon of water, I decide I now deserved a frosty cold beer. I found the shadiest area to be the front seat on my boat. I plopped down on it and began my "cooling off" period.

After 5 to 10 minutes, my son brought to our attention the fact that there was water in the back of the boat. I turned to find that my son was no liar. I walked to the back of the boat and my preliminary investigation revealed that it was time to replace my drain plug, as it was allowing a small amount of water to seep into the boat. It honestly wasn't that big of a deal, but I thought I would settle in the back seat for a while and use a jug to get the water out of the back. As I was leaning over my motor at the back of the boat...out of nowhere a large (I seriously mean large) snake launched itself out of the water directly at my face!!! (NO, I am not dramatizing this)

I jumped back and screamed! Now I know it would have been more masculine for me to have written that I yelled or hollered, but I have to man up and be honest in my articles, so I am admitting to you that it most assuredly came out as a scream!! I jumped back as the minimum 4 foot long snake entered the boat. I was making my exit across the front of the boat when my flooring gave way and I came crashing through to the floor of the boat. Once out of the boat, I gathered my wits and my manhood, and went on the offensive to rid the snake from my boat. I climbed back into the boat, armed with a hot dog roasting poker (weapon of opportunity). Once at the back of the boat, the snake saw me, and immediately turned and fled out of the back of the boat.

It's funny how my son doesn't talk about how the snake saw me and ran, he only seems to like to talk about the loud scream that he was not used to hearing from his father. I have since attempted to enlighten him to how he might react if a large reptile launched itself at his face, but he is more fond of ridiculing his father. It seems to be more fun to him. I wonder where he gets that from?

We attempted to settle down from this event, but never really did. Nobody wanted to go back in the water and I was completely exhausted at this point. An hour or so later we decided to load up the truck and head back home to barbecue and swim in our pool. As I was using some tie down straps to hold items down in the bed of my truck, one snapped back and smashed the knuckle of my thumb. This, though a small event in comparison to the others of the day, arguably was the most painful, so I felt it was important to include in the day of misery.

It was quite a day and I am still not completely recovered as I type this today. The misfortune is funny to laugh about now, but if you put it all in perspective, the day was actually a blessing. We could have been travelling 75 mph when that second tire blew. We could have been in the middle of nowhere. If we had taken just the van to the lake we would have been stuck there until I was able to rally someone to pick us up. When I was younger these type of events would anger me and stress me out. As I have grown older I have discovered that if you think about bad things that happen in life, often you can find positives in them. My son thinks the whole chain of events is hilarious now, so indirectly, I helped him enjoy the day in spite of not making it to the mountains.

The biggest positive of all of this; however, is that my family and I still had the freedom to go and do all of these crazy things...Happy 4th of July!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Move Along Folks…Nothing To See Here

As we close in on our Independence Day, it is becoming increasingly clear that our independence and sovereignty are under direct attack. Almost every day there is a new episode of violence on our nations borders. As I write this article, the top story in the news is a shootout between rival cartels on the Mexico-Arizona border.

In the last month or so we have seen incident after incident, story after story, detailing exactly how “open” our borders truly are, and the type of violent individuals who roam freely across it. There are now actually signs in Arizona which identify areas within the state that U.S. citizens are not supposed to travel in, as they are areas which are basically controlled by Mexican drug cartels.

Yet, the Obama administration and their liberal cohorts continue to tell the American people that there isn’t a problem. Congressman Pete Stark made a statement that only our out-of-touch, elected bourgeoisie could make this week when he claimed that the borders were secure. Good ole Pete went further when he decided to mock a Minuteman in the audience by asking him, “who you gonna kill today?” Stark went on to gaffe-off a question about why the border isn’t secure by claiming, “We can't get enough Minutemen armed we'd like to get them armed so that they would stop shooting people.” This statement details Starks extreme lack of intelligence in regards to the Minutemen, who are a group of citizens who voluntarily patrol the southern border of the United States to spot illegal aliens crossing and report it to border patrol agents. The Minutemen do not go armed, by the way, or even attempt to confront illegal aliens they observe crossing the border.

This is just another sterling example of liberals making uneducated statements on subjects they obviously know little about. Why let a little thing like fact finding or intelligence gathering get in the way of toeing the party line? This is no different than President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, all going on the record against Arizona SB 1070, before they had read the lengthy 10 PAGE DOCUMENT! See, they have to be against it, regardless of any facts because deep down in places no liberals like to admit, they are for open borders. SHHHHH!!! Don’t tell anyone…they know that 70% of the nation is in support of the Arizona bill, and against an open border policy, so they want to keep this under wraps, passing bills in the middle of the night and holiday weekends, counting on our short term memories to allow their re-elections.

They know that long term, the more poor, uneducated, government-dependent citizens they can get into our nation, the more votes they will be able to get in each election. They need to find more votes these days since their last vote-acquiring plan involving taxpayer funded ACORN registering fraudulent, deceased, and sometimes even cartoon characters to vote was discovered.

Wow!!! Only 21 dead in border violence this morning. Maybe Pete Stark and Janet Napolitano are right. No problem down here in Arizona. Nothing to see here folks.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Call Me The Pessimist…The Supreme Court Ruling on Gun Rights Was Not A Victory

Okay, so maybe I’ve just become too negative. Maybe I have allowed the state of our nation to pull me into a deep state of pessimism. I read numerous articles earlier this week celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling on McDonald v Chicago. All of the articles seemed to celebrate the court’s reaffirming the right of Americans to bear arms. I have to be honest, initially I celebrated it as well. Then I started thinking more about it.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to uphold the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. 5 to freaking 4!!!! Really!!! Seriously!!! Are we celebrating that The Supreme Court of The United States of America, the sole mission of which is to ensure the laws of the land are constitutional, were able to uphold the 2nd amendment by one vote???

Is that what we’ve been reduced to now? Have they beaten down the rights of man to the point that we now are content to applaud a 5-4 victory for the U.S. Constitution?

It’s a glass half empty deal for me, I suppose. The way I am looking at it we are one radical appointment away from our Constitution being completely null and void. It would appear currently that the Judiciary is the only branch that is still somewhat functioning on behalf of The Constitution. The Executive and Legislative branches abandoned it a long time ago. If we lose the third and final branch to radical statism, then America as we knew it and the founding fathers created it will be dead.

I find it amusing all of the showboating going on with the Elena Kagan hearings this week. All of the questions seem to center around whether she can put her personal feelings in check and make constitutional rulings based solely on The Constitution. If one were to look at the ruling this week they would realize that this is no longer a prerequisite for the high court. Personal biases are what it’s all about on the court these days. Why else would the media give so much attention to which justices may retire during a certain President’s term? If the judges were putting their biases to the side and making decisions based solely on the words of our Constitution, these hearings would be non-events.