Thursday, July 1, 2010

Call Me The Pessimist…The Supreme Court Ruling on Gun Rights Was Not A Victory

Okay, so maybe I’ve just become too negative. Maybe I have allowed the state of our nation to pull me into a deep state of pessimism. I read numerous articles earlier this week celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling on McDonald v Chicago. All of the articles seemed to celebrate the court’s reaffirming the right of Americans to bear arms. I have to be honest, initially I celebrated it as well. Then I started thinking more about it.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to uphold the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. 5 to freaking 4!!!! Really!!! Seriously!!! Are we celebrating that The Supreme Court of The United States of America, the sole mission of which is to ensure the laws of the land are constitutional, were able to uphold the 2nd amendment by one vote???

Is that what we’ve been reduced to now? Have they beaten down the rights of man to the point that we now are content to applaud a 5-4 victory for the U.S. Constitution?

It’s a glass half empty deal for me, I suppose. The way I am looking at it we are one radical appointment away from our Constitution being completely null and void. It would appear currently that the Judiciary is the only branch that is still somewhat functioning on behalf of The Constitution. The Executive and Legislative branches abandoned it a long time ago. If we lose the third and final branch to radical statism, then America as we knew it and the founding fathers created it will be dead.

I find it amusing all of the showboating going on with the Elena Kagan hearings this week. All of the questions seem to center around whether she can put her personal feelings in check and make constitutional rulings based solely on The Constitution. If one were to look at the ruling this week they would realize that this is no longer a prerequisite for the high court. Personal biases are what it’s all about on the court these days. Why else would the media give so much attention to which justices may retire during a certain President’s term? If the judges were putting their biases to the side and making decisions based solely on the words of our Constitution, these hearings would be non-events.

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  1. I could be wrong and it may be a different case, but I read that this case had a lot of other things going on besides gun rights, and conservatives should have wanted this case to be put down. I am going to look for the article I read. I sometimes keep things for blogging purposes. I will see if this is one I kept.