Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Known Disease Estimated to Effect Millions

I have recently been made aware of a little known disease that tens of thousands may be suffering from, and not even know it. It is a very difficult to diagnose disorder that effects brain function, and causes it’s victims to say and/or do incredibly irresponsible, often idiotic things. This disorder is known quite simply as douchebaggery, or “DB”. Long term this disorder can lead to an inability to function normally in society, and may cause a more serious condition known as Misfortune Due to Douchebaggery Syndrome, or “MDTD”.

Those that suffer from DB and/or MDTD may experience loss of respect, loss of possessions, loss of friends and family. Symptoms include exaggerated feelings of confidence, overinflated ego, loose lips, problems with law enforcement and/or any authority figures, inability to speak at a low volume, laughing hysterically at own jokes, association with liberals and progressives, inability to hold down a career, urges to install mufflers on cars that sound like weed-whackers, wearing of sunglasses indoors, wearing of Che Guevara shirts, flexing of muscles in public places, belittling of the opposite sex, desire to wear pants at knee level, desire to tell everyone exactly how much you’ve had to drink, purchasing of wheels that cost more than their car, urge to wear fake tanning products, bleaching the tips of your hair, and countless others.

Do you or somebody you love suffer from DB or MDTD?? Unfortunately there is currently no cure for either disorder. Recent studies have indicated positive results in 25% of patients from a treatment known as “punch to the throat” or PTT, but further testing is required. If you suffer from DB or MDTD you are not alone. Some very famous people also suffer from this heartbreaking condition:

Kanye West (DB)

Paris Hilton (DB)

Lindsey Lohan (MDTD)

Britney Spears (MDTD)

Alec Baldwin (MDTD)

Rosie O’Donnell (MDTD)

Brad Pitt (DB)

Barbra Streisand (DB)

Sean Penn (DB)

Matt Damon (DB)

Tim Robbins (DB)

Leonardo Dicaprio (DB)

Michael Moore (DB)

Too many liberal politicians to mention, though Alan Grayson, Bob Etheridge, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid must be…also anyone who thinks an island can “tip over” Hank Johnson.

I was recently made aware of a website owned by a writer who obviously suffers from advanced stages of the disease ( Thanks to Sharon from for providing this information and I am hoping maybe we could set up an intervention to try to get this website author to accept the help he so desperately needs to combat the DB which causes him to spew idiotic, mindless thoughts.

Recently, a “Douche Off” was conducted to raise money and draw attention to this not-so-rare disorder. I pray someday we will find a cure.


  1. You forgot Joy Beher and Rosie O'Donnell

  2. Rosie is up there!! I did miss Joy Behar though. I'm sure I missed a lot of many suffer from this disease. It's an epidemic!!

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    Good for you. These twerps censor any criticism of course (SexyP and I tried to post at In Mala Fide earlier) and far too much of the right blogosphere crowd laps up their dogma. It’s good to see others on the libertarian-conservative side of things making fun of them (this Alpha Male Pterodactyl thing is my parody of their doctrine and personalities).

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  4. very entertaining comment...I wasn't quite sure what I was digging into at first with the Pterodactyl bit. I have happily added your link and thank you for the support.

  5. Thanks, appreciate it - my alpha-dominant PUA pterodactyl and I will add a link as well.

    Sexy Pterodactyl can get a bit out of hand, when people question his masculinity.