Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The last two weeks have been incredible! As posted earlier, I’ve really started to regain my faith in the people of this country. It has been wonderful to see the banding together of conservatives and the rallying cries of Americans who still believe in the Constitution of this great land. The townhall meetings have been, and continue to be a great demonstration of freedom and democracy in action. Three months ago I feared that our country was going to sink into socialism without so much as a whimper. I am happy to say that I was mistaken.

With everyone currently focused on defeating this “hostile takeover” of our freedom to choose healthcare for ourselves, we need to ensure we are watching what President Obama’s left hand is up to. I have noticed when liberals have all of us so focused on one issue, they tend to quietly be up to no good in another area, hoping we won’t notice.

Last month President Obama named Mark Lloyd the associate general counsel and chief diversity officer at the Federal Communications Commission. Okay, first things first…chief diversity officer?!?!?! Really?? Seriously??? That is an actual title for a real occupation?? That is such an incredibly stupid title that I am physically laughing out loud as I am typing this. What do you do Ron? I am the chief diversity officer for the Marine Corps. What a joke! Speaking of the USMC, there is no more diverse organization in our country than the US military. We are recruited from all cultures, backgrounds, financial classes, races, and ethnicities. We accomplish the most difficult of tasks that are physically and mentally exhausting, in environments much more demanding than any boardroom, and we do it successfully every day without the need for any chief diversity officer, but apparently the FCC needs one.

I apologize for ranting away from the point I am wanting to make, but really…CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER!!! Okay, I am laughing by myself again. I’ll get back to the point.

President Obama appointed Mark Lloyd to this position with the FCC. You know...the FCC, the government entity that controls the airwaves. Now it is already well known to all Americans that the mainstream television media is very biased…Say it ain’t so!!! No, really, they are just a tad bit biased towards the left. So let’s look at the history behind the latest Obama czar (substitute “stooge” for “czar” if you prefer) to determine what direction he may look to take the FCC as it’s CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER…hahahaha!! Step aside everyone!! Make way for the CDO!!

In 2007, Mark Lloyd co-authored a report titled, “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” which you may read the contents of at:


In this report Mr. Lloyd…sorry, I mean CHIEF Lloyd, stated some very troubling things…unless, of course, you live in a country like North Korea, China, or Venezuela, where the state controls what the media is allowed to report to the people. I have included some of the quotes from this report below:

“Our conclusion is that the gap between conservative and progressive talk radio is the result of multiple structural problems in the U.S. regulatory system”

Yes, this genius…I mean CHIEF, has concluded that the 10 to 1 ratio of conservative talk radio programming to statist, I mean progressive talk radio is caused by the lack of government regulation of the airwaves…Oh yes he did!!! Chief Castro over here doesn’t recognize the rule of supply and demand, he only recognizes the need for more government enforcement over our freedom to listen to what we want to as Americans. But he goes on…

“This analysis suggests that any effort to encourage more responsive and balanced radio programming will first require steps to increase localism and diversify radio station ownership to better meet local and community needs. We suggest three ways to accomplish this:

Restore local and national caps on the ownership of commercial radio stations.

Ensure greater local accountability over radio licensing.

Require commercial owners who fail to abide by enforceable public inter­est obligations to pay a fee to support public broadcasting.”

The first paragraph is just the everyday typical liberal mush…”to better meet local and community needs” is their pompous attitude that they know better than we do what we need on the radio. Doesn’t capitalism as well as the rule of supply and demand take care of that already? If a local community really, really wanted more liberal (funny they call it “progressive” throughout the report) programming in their area, wouldn’t a smart business person see the income potential and put such a station on the air?

Uhh, yes, his first idea is honestly to have the government control who can and cannot own a radio station…no conflict of interest there!!!

Yes, your eyes are correct…the last idea is to assess fines for radio station owners that do not air the programming the government wants them to. Not only that, they will take the money from the fines and give the money to public broadcasting (NPR). So it’s broadcasting’s version of “redistribution of wealth.” It makes all the sense in the world. Take money from successful business owners who provide a product in high demand from the American people, and give the money to failing, government owned radio stations that nobody listens to.

Mr. Lloyd, like President Obama, is on the record as saying they are not interested in re-instituting the Fairness Doctrine. Well, of course they aren’t! Enough Americans have heard of the Fairness Doctrine by now. It wouldn’t be popular to support it. But if we take the Fairness Doctrine out of its packaging, rename it; say, the DIVERSITY in Broadcasting Act, or something similar…and re-attach the same regulations as before, the American people would support that, right? After all, it’s DIVERSITY!! Anything with the word “DIVERSITY” in it has to be good, right? Anything with diversity in the title has to be supported, lest the protestor be labeled a racist.

I could go on a rant all day about this but the point I’m making is we have to be great multi-taskers. At the same time we are organizing our resistance to this unconstitutional healthcare fiasco, we have to pay attention to the other maneuvers being initiated by the statists in Washington, lest we end up bamboozled (I love that word and try to use it whenever possible)

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  1. Isn't it horrible of how they are sneaking it in the back door? They don't even have the guts to put in the Fairness Doctrine to give us a chance to knock it out. They are running scared.

    The liberals can't hack it on radio. All they do is whine and yell and no one wants to listen to them. Conservatives have the upper hand in that industry and the only thing they can do is tear them down financially in order to "win".