Monday, January 25, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Is A Horrible Person...Even Leftist Network CNN Says So.

The video speaks for itself. Seriously, can't find someone better than this to represent your state??? I wouldn't hire her to run a Pizza Hut, yet she is Speaker of the House.

Not to be forgotten is that this is not an isolated incident. Ms. Nancy has a history of pampering herself on our hard earned tax dollars. In early 2009, Department of Defense emails were released which detailed interactions between military officials and staffers for Queen Nancy. They painted quite a picture of the Speaker and her minions treating the Air Force as her and her families' personal taxi service. I have included the link to the article from judicial watch below.

Her Highness, Ms. Pelosi, is up for election this year. California, more specifically San this really who you believe represents your beliefs?? Unfortunately, polling would show that she does. It is hard to believe that there is an entire district of people that far out of touch with reality.

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