Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alex Jones is a Fat Disgusting Pig Who Needs Medication

I am used to hearing this type of banter from the left. So many leftists will come right out and say it these days. They look at members of the United States Military as individuals with lower intelligence than them. They see us as citizens who could not find success in other ways, and settled on the military as a fall-back option. Here is just a small example of the statists view that we, the military members, do not offer an educated opinion on conflict and do not have enough intelligence to know the wise things they do.

How pompous can you be? That's just one extreme example, right? They don't really feel that way. Here's another...

If you listen to them on a good day, they'll even reveal that they think we are terrorists...

Sadly, this is nothing surprising or new. Anyone who pays attention knows that the liberals possess a certain disdain for the military and their mission in our Republic. What is becoming a growing concern is the new fringe element which attempts to cozy themselves up with the conservatives, and espouses the same lack of respect for the military and their valiant sacrifices.

This new element is none other than the 9/11 "Truthers" led by supreme nutjob Alex Jones. All of these certified tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theory schizo's believe that all of the conflicts our nation has been involved in are created by some mysterious wealthy bourgeousie who benefit financially from it. They go a step further than merely calling the military uneducated. They call us naive and belittle every brave conflict we have undertaken as a manufactured war by the wealthy upper class of both parties.

How does anyone actually listen to this guy? He is merely making money out of scaring the entire population with self-created fairy tales, and the military is stupid?? The loonies that believe this fat lazy bum who does this because he can't handle a real job should really ask their doctor about mental illness meds.

This is like listening to "Coast To Coast" radio. We used to have nuts like this approach our gate from time to time in Twentynine Palms, CA when I was stationed there. They would claim we were hiding aliens in one of our hangars or something similar. They were hilarious!! Now, thanks to this moron they're mainstream.

We're approaching another Memorial Day weekend and fewer people will honor what our military does thanks to the idiots shown above. It saddens me that the bravest and the smartest that I have met over my last 16 years in the military are making the ultimate sacrifice every day so that these "wastes of oxygen" can daily express such stupidity. Alex Jones would never say what he said in the video to a Marine's me!


  1. You wrote: "Alex Jones would never say what he said in the video to a Marine's me!"

    Oh yes he would, and oh yes he has. Bravery is not the issue; policy is the issue. The best use and USES for our military is the issue. What we want our Military to do and NOT do, is the issue.

    Stick to the issues.

    By the way, "staunch Reagan Conservative", Reagan was not for nation building, occupying foriegn lands and extending American power world over. NeoCons, that is former Leftist War hawks are for all those things, but NOT Reagan and therefore, not "Reagan Conservatives". Be careful who you have allowed to teach you history and who you have allowed to teach you definitions of terms. NeoCons such as those found at the Weekly Standard and the Free Enterprise Institute (which has not been about free enterprise since the 80s' and has been taken over by NeoCons who are obsessed with expanding American power worldwide.). The NeoCons are "new" conservatives, that is really War Hawk Liberals. You do have one thing right, Ron Paul is a Libertarian, but he does not deny that or pretend otherwise, but the NeoCons never let you in on their liberalness, always twisting in the wind on definitions but always and never ever failing to put Israel first, and America (AND YOU) at her bidding. Think about it.

  2. Richard Belzer's comments on this video could have come out of a "Law and Order" script. There was a time when I really enjoyed watching the "Law and Order" shows, but they evolved into such left-wing, progressive, Christian and Conservative bashing machines that I'm glad to see them getting cancelled.

  3. As a general rule, I agree with your views since I'm very conservative and consider myself a strong patriot. However, one must understand what he believes and who's views he will support regardless of the source. Support the TRUTH regardless of it's source. I'm ex Navy and hold them and our Marine brothers in very high esteem. But, if they're headed in the wrong direction, I have no problem in pointing it out. Remember, our military can be co-opted with PC bullshit and other crap just like any other social group. By the way, thanks for speaking out against the WE generation trash. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ok if your concern is the well being of American citizens, and there is a group that has infiltrated our government and did 9/11, then wouldn't you want ordinary people to know about it, so they can stop electing people that have affiliations with these globalists who did 9/11? Do you understand people want to talk about 9/11 so they know about the people behind it, the military and their involvement in the middle east is another story. They are not talking about the military when they say 9/11 was an inside job.
    BTW the last video, he was acting hysterically because it was his coworker on the other end, if he hadn't sounded so urgent his coworker might have gotten detained by the G20 security. Many others did, so he did have reason to be concerned.

  5. Questioner...

    You have obviously consumed way too much of Alex Jones Kool-Aid. I am not going to waste much time on this. I am going to simply ask you to think for yourself. If this vast conspiracy Alex Jones speaks of were true, there would be nothing anyone could do. If these super-secret NWO global rulers had enough power to pull off the things "fat boy" says they do all the time, they most assuredly would have silenced the idiot themselves. I know, I know, they wouldn't do that for fear of exposure, right? That's the problem with debating schizophrenics...they have an answer for everything, though each is more out of touch with reality than the last.

    I am aware that the big-mouth isn't saying the military did 9/11, but when this blow-hard refers to my brave brothers and sisters in the Army and Marine Corps as "stupid" and "poor stupid young punks" he demonstrates just what a stupidity vomiting idiot he is.

    Wake up and think for yourself. Stop listening to this conspiracy creating idiot who is only interested in making money from fear-mongering.

  6. Alex Jones is a buffoon. From his "crying on cue" stitch, to him constantly peddling his video wares, he comes across as a snake-oil salesman.

    Just ask yourself 1 question: If the whole world is going to pot, WHY ON EARTH WOULD I WORRY ABOUT BUYING REAL ESTATE? (HomeGain, one of his top ads).