Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Wins...Karl Rove Proves GOP Not Necessarily a Conservatives Friend

Christine O'Donnell, immediately after upsetting her opponent, long time establishment RINO Mike Castle, is immediately blasted by Karlo Rove on Hannity's show. The Republican Party further stated that they will not be supporting O'Donnell financially in the election race.

Pay attention!! The GOP is not always the friend of Conservatives.


  1. I think the RNSC has agreed to contribute or did $42,000. Although this group seems to be reluctant to back good Conservatives over "electable" RINOs, the head of it (his name escapes me at the moment) seems to be the type of guy that would forgo the Buckley Rule and back a canidate that is similar to him.

  2. I don't really consider her a viable conservative candidate at all. Rove is right on. Supporting her is a trainwreck, she is worse than Palin.

  3. I would have to disagree with you Paige...O'Donnell definitely has some skeletons in the closet, but if we are to talk about her past it is only fair to look into Coons Marxist past, but then everyone in the Obama regime has links to Marxism, so I suppose it isn't a big deal anymore, right?

    Saying she is worse than Palin infers that Palin is bad, which a true conservative would certainly not believe to be true. Therefore, you must not be a conservative, Paige.

    If you are not a conservative than your opinion on who a "viable conservative" candidate is holds no weight whatsoever

  4. I am a conservative, a REAL one. Not these false people hiding and using conservatism for their self righteous hate these days. I am a Goldwater republican, the opposite of Palin. My reasons for not liking Odonnell has to do with who she is in general, not her past issues the media is bringing up. You don't define who is a "true conservative" and who is not. Many conservatives who have been "conservative" while you were in diapers despise Palin and people like her and what they are attempting to do to the Republican party, destroy it. I wish young people like yourself would wise up a bit to these tactics and all of the things that have been lost in the republican party since these clowns have invaded. Odonnell make republicans look like further idiots. We need some real leaders, not media figures with nothing of substance to say.

  5. I completely respect your opinion on the matter, but to infer that because you are older than me (conservative while you were still in diapers) that your opinion on what a conservative is or isn't somehow holds more water is misguided.

    I haven't been called a "young person" in quite a while. I would take it as a compliment but I don't think it was meant that way. You know, my father raised me to always respect my elders when I was young. Once I became an adult he also added that he has learned that just because someone is older does not necessarily make them wiser. I have seen over the last 20 years or so that he is right. There are misguided, uneducated, common-sense lacking people of all ages.

    I say that not in any to demean you, you seem to be very intelligent to me. it is meant to say that I am not necessarily naive or ignorant in comparison to someone merely due to being younger.

    I will point out that you go to great lengths to belittle and call Palin and Odonnell names like clowns and idiots, but at no point in your comments do you actually give any examples of why they are so wrong. I fail to see how Palin is so different from a Goldwater Republican...please enlighten me with education, rather than name calling with no substance...that's what liberals do.

  6. It does not infer that my opinion holds more water, it does infer that I have more e experience with the republican party than you do. It is not inference but rather a fact. And yes, there are idiots of all ages. I do not feel you are naive, but I do believe you are misguided if you believe O'donnel or Palin are good candidates for the party. I do not give instances in which these two "ladies" are wrong, because there are far to many. They themselves are wrong for the country and make the GOP look foolish. Goldwater was very different in all aspects. He was a true republican, a real one, economically, socially and he had the brain and character to lead.. These new breeds like O'donnell and Palin are not the type of republicans I wish to be associated can have them "young man" and I will stick with Goldwater. I am not "name calling with no substance", I am speaking of people with no substance, there is a big difference between the two. Good luck and wish you could help with the party, but if you see these ladies as viable candidates I am certain you will be of no help.

  7. A) I am a Conservative first...a conservative is not always a Republican, especially in the present day, as they have watered themselves down so much to appease moderates.

    B) I still have not received an example from you of why Palin is not a solid conservative candidate.

    I respect your opinion on this, Paige and wish you the best. We will just have to agree to disagree on the matter.