Friday, December 24, 2010

The Next Person Who Says Happy Holidays Shall Be Punched In The Throat

How's that for holiday spirit??

I've just about had enough of the minimization of Christmas. Political correctness, coupled with bitter, angry atheists, have all but destroyed any remnants of the reason for celebrating this holiday, and I am at an unprofessional boiling point. Yes, this shall be one of my rants.

Does anyone really believe our nation is better off without the true meaning of Christmas allowed in public places? It is already an over-commercialized financially crippling mess. We have created numerous fairy tales to detract from the true meaning. From a fat man in a red suit who sneaks down our chimney at night, to flying reindeer with red noses, to a very unmanly enchanted snowman (that's right, I said it!! I hate Frosty!!), we will look to anything to not have to look toward or understand the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

Some time ago, people even started calling it Xmas, quite literally removing the meaning of the holiday. Shortly after this, some started celebrating a holiday during the same time period called "Kwanzaa", which is a fictitious holiday made up by a felon named Ron N. Everett, who changed his name to Maulana Karenga.

As insane as this sounds, in today's politically correct United States it is more acceptable to talk about this made up farce of a holiday in your public schools than it is to speak of Jesus' birth.

Anything which could offend anyone (minus Christians, of course) is shunned as intolerant. No Christmas trees, manger scenes, wise men, Jesus, or anything of the sort. It's as though there really exists a PC Grinch, who has ridden down the mountain and stolen our Christian symbols of the holiday. Unfortunately, his heart does not appear to be growing three sizes any day soon. Removing all Christian symbols not being enough, he (atheists) is now advertising the "No God" campaign on public transit systems.

Don't get me wrong. I am not demanding that everyone place manger scenes in their front yards and go to Christmas Eve service at a local church. I am not demanding everyone worship God or Jesus. Do whatever you wish during this time of year. What I am saying is December 25th is called CHRISTmas. It is when Christians celebrate the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ. If you do not believe in this than simply don't celebrate the holiday, but don't attempt to create other distractions and fictional celebrations to overshadow and minimize CHRISTmas.

If you want to be an atheist go right ahead, though I've not known many that aren't angry and unhappy 80% of the time, but it is certainly your right. Live your life as an atheist however you want to, but don't attempt to tell me how to live mine because I believe in something...

and don't give me that load of Bull about being offended by manger scenes and all that garbage. YOU BELIEVE IN NOTHING!! HOW CAN YOU BE SO OFFENDED BY SOMETHING YOU DON'T EVEN BELIEVE EXISTS??? It would be more believable for a satanist to say they are offended by the manger scenes, as I could see how the birth of Jesus would offend them, but you can't be offended by something you don't believe in. Guess what??? I don't believe that vampires exist, but I don't get all bent out of shape on Halloween, or when the new Twilight movie gets released.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th of each year. It is called CHRISTmas for a reason. Merry Christmas to all who believe in the virgin birth!!! To all those who don't...Merry Christmas as well. To all those who claim to be offended by someone saying "Merry Christmas" to them....lighten up!! ride that sled back down the mountain and we'll let you carve the roast beast!! Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Christmas assumed the position of the pagan solstice celebrations, but nothing can assume the position of your celebration. And if we are talking of felons, then the guy nailed to a cross was a felon to the government of the time, that's why he was nailed to the cross.
    So the pagans had their holiday usurped by those who wished to celebrate a felon's birthday. If you were consistent you'd understand the redundancy of your arguments.

    You don't think it is possible for a person to be offended by exclusively christian trappings on government property, but you find yourself righteously angered by those who say happy holidays.

    Double standards and violence have long been the hallmarks of the dogmatically enchained and you epitomise those characteristics totally.

    You sir, are a hypocrite and are typical of the religiously inspired pseudo-patriots that hide their hate behind their god delusion.

    It's probably time you read your constitution properly and understood the word liberty, both of which you proclaim to believe in protecting. Or is it yet another case of talking freedom while advocating tyranny?

  2. For someone who claims to have "A conservative blog written by a U.S. Marine which focuses on protecting the Constitution and our liberty" you appear to have a difficult time grasping just what liberties and freedoms the U.S. Constitution guarantees. I am free to believe in whatever religion I so choose, as are you. I don't feel that somebody not sharing my faith, and being vocal about it, is sufficient reason to punch someone in the throat. Neither, for that matter, did Jesus, who admonished his followers to turn the other cheek when attacked with violence. Not so you, who threatens to punch people in the throat when they hurt your feelings. What a whiny little baby you are. Furthermore, your post shows a lack of understanding of the meaning of Christmas, which is to celebrate God's gift of Jesus Christ, his Son, to the world in order to redeem humanity. It is a time of brotherhood and understanding, NOT intended to worship Jesus and punch offending nonbelievers in the throat. As an Atheist, I do not believe in Christ's divinity, nor do I believe that there is a god. Nevertheless, I celebrate Christmas because I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I too abhor the blatant commercialization of Christmas, which has nothing to do with Atheism or saying "Happy Holiday" (and there are two holidays within one week of each other, genius, and that's just counting New Year's Day and Christmas) and everything to do with a cultural obsession with making money, one of the freedoms you are supposedly protecting.

    People are going to do things you don't like. That's life, and as long as they are not breaking the law or hurting anyone they have every right to do those things. Period. When you signed up for the Marines, you volunteered to protect those freedoms, including the freedom of people to believe or say things you don't like. That's what freedom of conscience is. By writing the vile drivel you posted, you have demonstrated a clear lack of understanding of what the Constitution is about. Lighten up.

    Merry Christmas. From me, an Atheist, to you. I hope, despite what I imagine to be pretty obvious differences between us, that you had the finest of Christmases and that you have the most wonderful of New Year's Days. I think Christ would want it to be so.

  3. I want to punch somebody in the throat. Do you have to be Christian to do that or does anyone get to? I'd be willing to convert, FYI. Thanks.

  4. Merry Saturnalia.

    After all, christians stole the pagans' winter solstice celebration just to gain more adepts into their sect.

    And by the way, threatening physical violencie for something as trivial as this just demonstrates you have the emotional maturity of a six year old.

    So, merry holidays, sir.

  5. The Pilgrims outlawed Christmas from 1659 to 1681, and they were far better Christians than you. Happy holidays!

  6. Happy Holidays, Wingnut.

  7. I'm a Jew.

    When people tell me "Merry Christmas", I politely say "no thank you".

    Would you want to kill me for that?

    (and I'm staying anonymous specifically because I'm afraid the answer would be 'yes')


    We're not offended by your nonexistent deity.

    We're offended by you insisting that your religion should get special treatment. We're offended by boycotts from bigots like you aimed at stores that try to include everyone by saying "Happy Holidays". We're offended by sanctimonious jerks who threaten violence against others for a cheerful greeting. We're offended by you equating us with the Grinch because we'd rather not have our children forced to celebrate your holiday at school.

    I don't get bent out of shape when the new Twilight move is released either. But Twilight fans aren't making up a phony War-On-Twilight, when I fail to mention Edward and Bella for 2 months out of the year.

  9. Happy Holidays, merry Kwanzaa, happy Haunukkah, and a Happy New Year to you sir!

  10. All holidays change over time and xmas itself varies from country to country more than from decade to decade in the USA. As far as American xmas, it has always been secular.

    Xmas, like religion itself, changes with and reflects society. Most xtian symbols and beleief-reference points are extra-biblical. The religion barely resembles it's 14th century version let alone its 4th cenury roots, so who cares if the xmas holiday changes over time either?

    Would call this diatribe un-xtian but that would be ironic in light of just a little research.
    Start here:

  11. You must be thrilled that your oblivious hypocrisy has been broadcast over the internet. Not that intolerance and a complete lack of self-awareness are the providence of American born-agains, but with this post, you make a great case for ownership! Anyway, just to inform on a subject that may have slipped through your clawing, grasping hands as you knelt to pray, the term "holiday" is a modification of the expression "holy day." That's right: H-O-L-Y, as in holy. You may have heard this particular word used in your church, if you ever bothered to listen to the message and not just sit there and extrapolate re-enforcements for your prejudices. Anyway, Happy Holidays friendo. Lucky for you, Jesus loves everybody, presumably even those who say "Happy Holidays," and hopefully for your sake, hypocrites who evoke his name and teachings while threatening violence towards the people Jesus himself admonishes his followers to embrace....

  12. Also, as there aren't any comments here while there are plenty everywhere your post has been linked, I'm guessing you have come to the realization that you sounded like a hypocritical ass, ranting on intolerantly about the intolerance of non-Christians the way you were. You should feel ashamed.
    Really, have you ever even read the words attributed to Christ? He doesn't sound anything like you.

  13. Big mean strong Marine scared of a few comments?

    Happy Holidays!

  14. Big mean old marine scared of a few comments?

    Happy holidays!

  15. A belated Happy Pagan Solstice Festival to you!

  16. If this post represents the intellectual level of the US Marine Corps, it's good news for the Taliban. Their main enemy is as bigoted, ignorant and brutal as they are - but doesn't know the territory. Big win coming for Osama's pals, I reckon.

  17. Seriously, folks...lighten up!! Are all of you so serious about being the PC police that you can't laugh a little? Do you really have to pretend to be so naive as to think I meant the "punch in the throat" comment literally?? Way to snatch up an obvious tongue in cheek statement and run with it. Anyone with an IQ above 80 knew I did not mean it literally. The whole point of my post was not to be intolerant of others, as you have attempted to twist it. Do whatever you want to celebrate whatever you want to celebrate this time of year. The point I make clearly is that Christians should not be forced to curb how they celebrate. Merry Christmas should not be deemed a non-PC greeting. Cards, expressions, and depictions of Jesus birth should not have to be removed in the name being inclusive to all. Quite simply, Christians should have the same rights as everyone else. I understand that this is completely unacceptable to most atheists, who seize upon every opportunity to criticize, bash, and destroy any mention of Christ or Christianity, but Christians do deserve the same rights as everyone else in this nation. Again I say lighten up!! It's amazing how threatened you folks get by something you allegedly don't even believe says wonders.

  18. "What I am saying is December 25th is called CHRISTmas. It is when Christians celebrate the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ. If you do not believe in this than simply don’t celebrate the holiday, but don’t attempt to create other distractions and fictional celebrations to overshadow and minimize CHRISTmas."

    And Easter is called EASTER to celebrate the well-known Celtic fertility goddess Ēostre (according to Bede, no atheist he); connecting it with an alleged first-century ritual murder is just nasty.

  19. Happy Holidays! (I'm including Christmas in with all the others; just one of a series.) By the way, we'll celebrate Christmas, with the Baby Jesus in the cake and all, on January the 6th, as the other half of the Christian world does.

  20. Lighten up Francis...

    Tongue in cheek? Eh, perhaps, but coming from one so blatantly devoid of any historically accurate frame of reference when it comes to xmas/winter solstice/ pagan celebrations (much less even the origin of the word holiday) your failing attempts at slapstick get lost amidst all your feigning outrage & lazy straw man arguments.

    The one thing the Xtian majority is exceedingly good at is crying persecution where there is none - and in this great example of a gnashing of teeth & beating of breast (dripping with irony & hubris though it is) you are a true champion in this regard. Kudos to you sir! Such a demonstration in accuracy at selecting enemy targets it is nothing short of a xmas miracle - that you have somehow managed to make it to this stage of your life without shooting yourself in the face with your service weapon. You give the knuckle draggers of the world hope. And for that let us all bow our heads in thanks.

    "Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky, oh hear our prayers as we humbly ask that you bless us with your noodle appendage...."

  21. Happy Holidays, you hate-filled bigot!

  22. Nah, your backpedaling won't wash, bigot, because all your whining about Christians being "forced to curb how they celebrate" is a load of paranoid garbage. I notice you have not given a single specific example of this alleged phenomenon.

  23. If jesus actually existed historically we have no good evidence for his birth dtae, the 25 December birth date was made up by early christians to coincide with the pre-existing and highly popular Roman holy day of the sun god, Sol Invictus.

    so Happy Sol Invictus

  24. “Do whatever you want to celebrate whatever you want to celebrate this time of year.”
    Why thanks!

    The point I make clearly is that Pastafarians should not be forced to curb how they celebrate.
    Happy Holiday should not be deemed a PC greeting. Cards, expressions, and depictions of Holiday should not have to be removed in the name of the season being exclusive to Christianity. Quite simply, Pastafarians should have the same rights as everyone else.
    I understand that this is completely unacceptable to most xtians, who seize upon every opportunity to criticize, bash, and destroy any mention of the FSM or Pastafarianism, but Pastafarians do deserve the same rights as everyone else in this nation. Again I say lighten up!! It's amazing how threatened you folks get by something you allegedly don't even believe says wonders.

  25. Ronald,

    The problem is that with your response you more or less water down the original point to nothingness. If folks can celebrate Kwanzaa, the Solstice, Festivus, whatever, during the season near Christmas, and you don't care, then why write the post to begin with? You say "Christians should not curb how they celebrate" but you don't really give any examples of that happening. There might be some stores that say "Happy Holidays" in order to appeal to everyone (and save on advertising costs with New Years) and there might be some people that say the same (or nothing at all)out of principle. Certainly no government buildings should be able to for obvious reasons. But none of this has a bearing on whether you and your fellow Christians celebrate Christmas or not. Nobody is stopping you from celebrating whatever you want whenever you want. Nobody wants to (maybe somebody somewhere does but nobody reasonable anyway). Declare every day of the year a Christian holiday for all I care. Just don't be offended when people still do what they want. Just because you declare a day special doesn't mean you own it, right?

    Anyway, I will give you this: the whole "Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas" is nothing more than a fight of offended sensibilities. Who cares? I'm an atheist and I say Merry Christmas out of habit more often than anything else. But, at the back of the whole debate is the worry among Christian America that their influence on the culture is waning. It's a valid fear, of course, since it is and will continue to do so. And while I don't usually care who gets offended by America's slow slide into secularism, I think your post-- and it's "humorous" promise of violence-- is a perfect example of how people who feel their illusions of social relevance and power (they were illusions all along by the way) is evaporating tend to react.


  26. "If you want to be an atheist go right ahead, though I've not known many that aren't angry and unhappy 80% of the time, but it is certainly your right."

    Again I say, lighten up!! All of you angry atheists are proving my point by taking the time to link this to all of your atheist sites and blast me with angry comments. You are twisting my point completely into one that suits you.

    You can celebrate, or not, anything you want to this time of year, including a flying spaghetti monster (very funny by the way), but the majority of people in this nation are Christians, and therefore it is unacceptable for a small, loud, angry minority to demand from the majority that their Christmas symbols be removed from public places and view. Now go buy a bottle of bubbly and celebrate the New Year. Try to enjoy life next year and be a little less bitter and hateful.