Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aww! They're Going To Sit Together. Symbolism is Stupid!!

I'm not sure if you caught it in the title, but I really hate symbolism.

I mean seriously, do they think the American people are going to see this pointless gesture as an actual "mending of the fences." Are John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi going to be seen walking arm in arm each day to and from Capitol Hill?? Will there be compromise amongst lawmakers on passing legislation? I, for one, sure hope not!!! That's not what the American people elected the new Congress for. November's election was a statement by the American people that we wanted the legislating away of our freedoms to stop!! We want bills like the 3000 page unconstitutional Obamacare legislation to end. We want the out of control spending of our grandchildren's money to be squashed!!

This is obviously a ploy by liberals in the hopes that the newly elected Congress will do just that, compromise. I pray they will remember why they were elected and represent the people of America who elected them. I don't recall much compromise in the voices of the liberals when Obama was elected and they owned a filibuster-proof majority. Much needs to be done to repair the extreme damage that has been done to the Republic in the last two years. I pray our new Congress has the fortitude to do it.

On a lighter note, I am hearing disturbing news that many are planning on playing drinking games during the State of the Union address tonight. Apparently, President Obama is going insult the intelligence of Americans by using the word "investing" to disguise the unpopular word he really means, "spending." I implore conservatives to not play this game, as I fear thousands could end up in emergency rooms tonight with alcohol poisoning.

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