Saturday, February 5, 2011

LtCol Allen West...The Man Who Should Run For President!!

Nobody has sounded more presidential than this man. This TRUE leader has my vote if he runs!!!


  1. I love him, but not going to happen.

    He would have to be VP first. He is so in your face with his opinions that he is going to scare people. The squishy middle will have a hard time warming to him, especially when the race hustlers get through with him.

    The media has every intention of turning him into the Grayson of the right. He is so unfiltered at times that he may end up making that easier.

  2. It is so frustrating when the exact reasons you give for him not being electable are the exact reasons why I would vote for him...and I know you are probably right...I'm living in bizarro world&!!! The American people are a frustrating sort. On one side of their mouth they rightfully complain about the crookedness and dishonesty of politicians. Yet, when served up a plate of honesty, integrity, and genuine passion...they cringe and run from the candidate in fear. I suppose an honest politician based in logic and common sense is not marketable in our nation anymore. If this is true then our republic is past the point of ever recovering. That's a tough pill for me to swallow

  3. Before getting elected Congressman West was very nasty against Islam and Muslims. Is a shame that everyone who seeks office try to get votes through bashing Islam and Muslims. This is not acceptable and it's condemned by us.‬‪ Allen West bought his political position through hurting the American Muslims especially the decent Muslim Congressman Mr. Keith Ellison. This new elected congressman Allen West brought shame to the American Congress. My message to Mr. West is that he took the wrong side.‬‪ He should have taken the side of the interest of all Americans without discrimination. Surely he turned his swearing on defending the Constitution into discrimination. Yes, that disqualify him from his current position!‬
    Br. Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout
    Director of AMANA
    The American Muslim Association of North America

  4. Congressman West has said nothing about the religion of islam that is not true. Show me a peaceful muslim and I will show you one that does not know what is written in the Koran. Congressman West didn't buy anything. He was elected to his position by the people of Florida. He was elected as a representative of our great nation. Unlike the nation of islam, we do not condone murder of non-believers, subjugation of women, stoning of adulterers, or condoned pedophilia. We do not strap explosives to ourselves and blow up innocent women and children in the name of the original pedophile, Muhammed. Rep. West swore to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and he is doing a wonderful job so far. We do not follow Sharia law here, Mr. Zakkout. Islam is not a religion, it is an oppressive system of government that does not mesh with freedom and democracy.

  5. He's a well known idiot Mr Zakkout. He hides his racism and bigotry behind his own religion while he calls out other religions for not "being tolerant". The blog here is nothing more than comedy and a reminder that there are such dangerous people in the world still. Luckily he is in the military where he can find a vent for some rage issues like most weirdos (cops and military) from my experience. Did you see the nice piece on punching people for saying "happy holidays"? he clearly has a handle on living christlike. Congressman West will not be elected and this lil boy will keep shouting his rage on his small corner of internet to anyone who will listen (aka other like minded simpletons)

  6. Thanks for reading...enjoy your comedy "anonymous"

    I am sure you are a fine upstanding citizen since your experience causes you to bad mouth the military and police. I'm guessing you've had a few run ins with one or both.

    Nonetheless, I will continue to proudly protect your right to bad mouth me along with all the others who keep you safe and able to have the right to free speech. Somebody has to have courage in this nation to keep the ingrates safe. I guess the task will continue to fall on us "simpletons" Mr Anonymous.

  7. You don't protect me and my free speech, you try to destroy it. You are a dangerous, crazy terrorist to this country. Your "proudly protect" garbage is a joke. You are so arrogant. I like you calling yourself courageous, such delusions of grandeur. What wars have you served in which were about free speech? which wars have you been in period? I have had run ins with neither the police nor military, but I know people in both. Yes, Mr Williams poor old selfless you will have to continue to protect my way of life with the other simpletons. What a joke as you destroy everything in your path with your hate as you are wrapped in the flag. Sorry I don't buy what you sell, save it for the teatards.

  8. Baseless accusations...well done.

    How have I tried to destroy your right to free speech?? I'd love to hear that one.

    How am I a terrorist to this country??

    I never called myself courageous, you should probably make some effort to be accurate in the garbage you spew forth "anonymously"

    You don't buy what I sell, yet you keep coming to my store. Do all conservatives a favor and find somewhere else to shop.