Friday, July 31, 2009

People Who Do Nothing...Fran Oswell Syndrome

We all know them. People who, when trouble arises, or a difficult situation, they, rather than act, merely turn and look the other way or ignore the emergency and wait for it to go away. What amazes me so much is not that they fail to act (though that is amazing), it is that when the news cameras and media show up to do a story on the horrific incident that has occurred (indirectly due to their cowardice and failure to act), they are the first to want to be interviewed for the story. Rather than hide their faces in shame over what they allowed to take place, they go on the record with quotes like 'I heard some loud yelling over there' or 'yeah, I heard them screaming for help'

Our latest example of cowardice is from a lady named Fran Oswell, who is included in the latest news story regarding Darlene Haynes, the poor woman who was murdered and had her almost full-term baby cut from her womb and kidnapped by Julie Corey. Fran I hope you google your name someday and find this blog, so you may know that you are directly to blame for the murder of your neighbor, and should be charged with involuntary manslaughter for your inaction. However, rather than be ashamed, Fran was quoted as saying, "I heard that girl screaming. Mostly it was, 'Leave me alone. Stop it.' She was screaming in pain."

Ms. Oswell stated she heard this on July 23rd. Haynes decomposing body was found on July 27th, after the landlord responded to a report of a bad smell coming from her apartment. I guess it is a lot easier to report that your neighbor's dead corpse is rotting next door than it is to act on behalf of another human being while they are living...that would be entirely too much to ask. I know, I know...this is a political blog and I am somewhat off-topic, but I don't really think I am.

A large part of what makes me so passionate about being a conservative boils down to morals and decency. What type of human being sits in their apartment and ignores blood-curdling screams of a person being murdered next door, without attempting to help that person, or at least calling the police??? In my opinion it is the kind of person that should be sharing a cell on death row with Julie Corey. Well done Fran Oswell!! You have successfully displayed extreme cowardice in your unwillingness to help your neighbor, resulting in her untimely torture and death. If you play your cards right maybe you can get a few more interviews out of it...or maybe even a talk show appearance.

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  1. Wow, well stated.

    And I think you are right on topic. It IS politics. The same people you see forking over money to the homeless or feeding a stray kitty are the ones who become "deaf" when someone really needs help.

    It's one thing not wanting to put yourself in danger, but you can still pick up a phone. Then again, that lady reporting a break-in at Gates' house thought she was doing the right thing and look what happened to her...