Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So, imagine you're buying a house. You find the home you wish to purchase, have the loan approved, and are sitting down to close on your American dream, but the agency conducting the closing requires that you sign the contracts and all appropriate paperwork without reading through it first. This seems a bit odd but when questioned on this requirement they reply merely that it is obvious that you want and need a home. They are providing a home for you and that's the most important accomplishment to be noted in the paperwork. They promise that if, after signing the contracts, you find any discrepancies or items that you don't like in the contract, that they will take a look at it and re-assess that section of the contract, but the most important thing for you to know is that you have to sign the contract today and get your new home. How many of you would blindly sign the contract without reading it first?
Oops, I forgot to mention this first...if you bought a home in the last 8-9 years with an ARM in order to lower your mortgage payment initially, don'tanswer my question. We already know that you would.

For the rest of you would you indeed sign the documents? This may seem like a really stupid question to most of you out there, but this is precisely what President Obama is asking our congress to do with the healthcare reform bill. At present time, there are three different versions of this legislation, each over 1,000 pages long. President Obama is force-feeding this bill to congress and telling them to pass it in the next two weeks, knowing that they cannot possibly read through the 1,000 plus pages of legal mumbo-jumbo to make an educated vote for or against the bill.

Call me a cynic, but if anyone approaches me with a large legal document telling me I have to sign off on it immediately, that there is no time to delay or read it, to just trust him that it is for everyone's own good. I immediately doubt the legitimacy of that individual and their so-called contract for the good of everyone. In normal, everyday America, this would appear to be the behavior of a person commonly referred to as a crook.

Seriously, think about it like this. Late night TV infomercials and door to door salesmen provide more information about their products than President Obama does with the legislation he continues to force feed us everyday. I am not speaking of just this bill. This can be stated of the so-called stimulus which just had to be passed for the country to survive, which has failed to provide anything other than a payback to groups which supported Obama's campaign. The Cap and Tax Energy bill also falls into this category. One last question to everyone as this healthcare bill possibly comes up for a vote in the next two weeks. How many of you would vote for a congressman that would vote "yes" on a bill that he had not read prior to voting? In the military this is commonly referred to as "Dereliction of Duty."

It is our duty as Americans to exercise our freedom while we still have it by contacting our respective congress men and women and express our opinion that legislation should never be passed without having been read and studied first. Remind them that the Constitution of our United States begins with the line, "We the People" not, "We the Government."


  1. You are right on the money with that. No one reads these things, and they threw this one together way too fast. Some people put more time into choosing a family dog.

  2. So true. And they threw this one together way too fast to begin with. We spent decades building up the best system in the world. Too bad some people spend more time choosing a family dog than writing and shaping a document which might (if it were drafted very differently )actually make things better.