Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Note to Senator McCaskill

A letter I wrote to one of my two senators in Missouri on the eve of this unconstitutional government power grab:

Senator McCaskill,

If you go along with your democrat counterparts on the healthcare legislation, you will be voted out of office on your next election bid. This legislation is unconstitutional and you would be well advised to vote against this legislation for that reason alone, but I'm sure that isn't good enough reason for a liberal politician, so I am advising you to vote against it, for if you don't I know many in my fine state of Missouri who will organize to ensure you are not re-elected. The media may not have covered it in the months past, but I am quite certain you, a politician, are aware of the "tea party" movement which becomes larger and stronger with every unconstitutional, freedom-robbing, liberty-depriving bill that liberal politicians such as yourself are subjecting the American people to. The American people as well as Missourians have made it clear that they do not want this healthcare bill. The last time I checked it was your job to represent the wishes of the people in the state that elected you. By voting for this legislation you are signing your letter of resignation. I highly recommend you vote against this legislation.

I am guessing she will not listen. Missourians, she is counting on us to have short term memory on this, as she is not up for election until 2012. Let's ensure she counted wrong!!!

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