Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here's a View From The Liberal "One Nation" Rally in DC Today

This is a video taken from the liberal rally today. Still naive enough to think a "liberal" is a...well, liberal?? This is hilarious and frightening at the same time...this should only further the awakening of honest, decent, hard-working Americans who believe in what their forefathers created. We must not lose our freedom and liberties to this band of idiots!!


  1. Listening to "THE INTERNATIONAL" made me stand, raise my fist and wish that I was there marching with those faithful workers who struggled to make the US a paradise in the model of the Soviet Union, Red China, Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or Palestine -- garden spots all.

    I don't understand why the conservatives can't join with the WORKERS for the big win. OBAMA-BIDEN! Let's keep them in power!!!


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    Liberalism at work!

    “If you're a liberal, anything you say is protected. If you're a conservative, anything you say is hateful.”
    -Laura Schlessinger

  4. Laura Schlessinger is hardly a decent person to take quotes from.

  5. The quote seems to be very accurate in how the media portrays behavior on both sides of the political spectrum. Did you have any intelligent comments "anonymous" or were you just trolling and sniping the above quote??

  6. you and schlessinger are the trolls. what intelligent comments do you make?

    You are not intelligent
    You are not a writer
    You are not creative
    You are not profound
    You are not wise
    You simply have a internet connection and a bullshit blog about your hate for certain people.

    You look like an indignent, self righteous, hate spewing piece of trash on the internet. Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. The above person is honestly telling me that I do not make intelligent comments...this is classic!!

    For starters, Mr. or Ms. intelligent, it's spelled I-N-D-I-G-N-A-N-T.

    Second, nobody forced you to come to my blog and/or comment on it. You obviously do not understand the definition of an internet "troll" if you are calling me one on my own site.

    Thank you for your opinions that I am not intelligent, creative, profound, wise, or a writer. I am sure in your narrow-minded view of life the only people who possess such characteristics are those with political opinions similar to yours.

    Thanks for all the name calling as well. You brave liberals love to name call rather than debate a topic. It's somewhat understandable as without the names your arguments are mostly empty. Feel free to leave my website "anonymous" and drink more Kool-Aid over at the Huffington Post. You might want to spike it with something strong, November is not going to be kind to your political "kin-folk"

  8. Amen brother....

  9. You are a real life troll. I do not call myself intelligent nor do I belittle others in a shameless attempt to satisfy my own overgrown ego like yourself.

    No not only people who share my opinions possess those characteristics. You calling me narrow minded? Now that is rich.

    As for November you "teabaggers" are in for a spanking.

  10. More name calling, rather than any facts. I apologize that my thoughts and opinions upset your fragile "beliefs with no basis" and as it is well noted that the liberal species (latin, libericus moronicai), they feel threatened easily, and possess a well-known, but weak defense mechanism known as name-calling and acting-out. You may move along now....unless, of course, you would like to place a wager on your last statement...Wait!!! Never Mind!! You would probably just pay me with my own money. I don't accept food stamps.

    You may now go to your "happy corner" and curl up in the fetal position. Keep telling yourself that your liberal masters are going to stay in office when November 2nd rolls around. I hope you are able to get some Obamacare therapy on my dime before we stop funding the unconstitutional legislation

  11. Anonymous. Why are you even on this blog if you have those opinions? You Liberals never cease to amaze me. And Ron does not have to be a writer to host a blog so you are erroneous. #2 you are "anonymous" cuz you are a sissy and cannot reveal your identity and #3 Surely you cannot watch that video and think that is normal and what our forefathers intended. You must be either on welfare or a MArxist, neither of which I'd like to keep company with.

  12. Ron, The problem is not with the government as much as it is with the banks and corporate America. All your rage and anger is so misguided. If you want to rob a country. you must own a bank. You are so focused on Obama and the government you can't see the truth. They are small time in the real scheme of things. Also, you may have forgot that Bush started all the drunken sailor spending and stimulus nonsense, bailout of banks. I guess that slipped your mind? Now i will go to my "happy corner" and take a nap. Thanks . Yes I will place a wager. The "teabaggers" will be the ones who cost the real republicans everything. Very few will go for these fringe loonies who are literally almost insane with rage and hate. They have hijacked the party.

    NativeHouston- Yes I am on welfare and a marxist, communist, illegal alien who loves socialism. Oh yeah, and to make me super scary, I am also a MUSLIM. Haha and you are a joke and I never asked for your company. Of course he does have to be a writer to host a blog. His ego certainly alludes to the fact he thinks he is one though. What difference would it make if I put my name? do you know me? who cares. use your brain. I will put my name to help you feel more secure. Like your name tells us who you are-LOL

  13. No ego here at all, Barney. Because I post my opinions on a blog I have an ego???

    So people who believe in the US Constitution are "fringe loonies"??? You have proven you have no idea what you are talking about. You present no facts, and are only name-calling. Bush did approve the bailout, you'll get no arguments from me on that. He did not have anything to do with the stimulus. Those are the only two actual arguments you have brought to the table between your angry name-calling.

    As you can see, unless it is vulgar or completely inappropriate, I will post all comments, even if they are in disagreement. I will not continue to post baseless, pointless, 3rd grade level maturity name-calling. At least study up on some of the registered liberal talking points so that we might at least be entertained