Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wow!! Obama Faced Toughest Presidency?? Really??

There is no depth in lying that they will not stoop to. I suppose they feel they have "dumbed down" public education enough over the last 20 years that Americans may accept this idiotic claim as truth.


  1. barack hussein obama is an incompetent narcissist who used a teleprompter to great effect as he employed his community organizing skills to get elected at a time when there was a lack of faith in the government - and an opponent (McCain) who wasn't up to governing either. AND then he followed his socialist agenda to "change and rearrange" America.

    Americans don't want a Socialist Republik running the country. And if that reaction qualifies as being "hard on obama" -- who cares?

  2. So tell me how you really feel, LL.

    I couldn't agree with you more and I think you have accurately portrayed exactly what Obama has done, in a nutshell.

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  4. I can't watch the video, my sound is blown. What dumbed down the education system was Bush's "no child left behind" nonsense. We teach to the dumbest kids and they are all now dumb. Surprise!

  5. Racists, pure and simple-- dyed in the wool, old fashioned, good ole boy racists. Republican Southern Dominionist Ideology couldn't have better representation. Do you also hide a confederate flag in your foot locker?

    1. Funny, there is nothing racial in this post whatsoever, yet that's what you throw into the air?? I love that according to liberals, anyone who does not agree with President Obama must be a racist. Tell me this, you agree with everything that Rep. Allen West says?? If not, then you must be a racist. Also, a glimpse at the history of our nation might educate you to the fact that Republicans voted 100% to abolish slavery, while it was the Democrats who voted against abolishing it. It is the democrats today who are still attempting to enslave minorities by making them completely dependent upon the government and socialized entitlement programs for their well-being. Yes, a little time spent educating yourself might yield more intelligent comments from you in the future than the unintelligent cry of racism.