Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Thoughts On The Urinating Marines

Reason #36 why I can't wait to retire...In light of the recent headlines concerning Marines here in Afghanistan, I've been told I have to sit all of my Marines down and give them a period of instruction explaining to them that it is not okay to urinate on dead enemy combatants. Really??? Seriously??? I can just see all the bourgeois mo-mo's sitting around at a meeting saying, "if only we had told all the Marines that this isn't an okay practice." That is the line of thinking that has become of the military...last I checked these were grown adults that should already know better. What a waste of time!!

Ever since this story broke I have been hearing everyone's varying opinion on the matter, and to be completely honest, I am disappointed with both arguments I'm hearing.  On one side I hear the judgmental holier-than-thou's who are outraged and wish to immediately crucify all of the Marines involved.  On the other side I hear a boisterous "eye for an eye" crowd who seem to actually be cheering on the act of urinating on dead combatants, justifying it by stating what the enemy has done to our armed forces and innocent civilians.  This is my official opinion on the matter, knowing already that I will get a lot of grief from many who read this blog. 

While I do not think it is this horrific act that should ruin their lives forever, it is not an acceptable act whatsoever. We (The United States and The Marine Corps) pride ourselves on our professionalism and the honor of defending the greatest Country in the World. We became the mighty United States of America by standing on morals and principles that are above this type of behavior. If everyone would stop looking at this from an emotional perspective (on both sides of the debate) and start looking at it from a logical one, they will see that if we celebrate this type of behavior, we lower ourselves to their level and are no better than the indecent animals we are fighting.  Additionally, if we allow our emotional outrage of the act to overshadow what a rightful punishment for the crime should be, that will be equally sickening.  These Marines made a mistake and should face punishment, but they should not be sent to the brig for twenty years just for the purpose of being politically correct and/or to appease an enemy combatant that is arguably the most brutal and inhumane to be witnessed on this earth. 

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