Monday, April 2, 2012


1st row left to right, LCpl Benbow, LCpl Landsaw, Cpl Saunders, LCpl Gutierrez
2nd row, Cpl Hill, Cpl Smith, LCpl Vannewkirk, Cpl Bingaman, Yours Truly, LCpl Barnett, Cpl Scollard

I will be leaving the wonderful land of Afghanistan later this week and will be posting some of my notes and stories from the deployment over the coming weeks for anyone who is interested.  I want to thank the many who were incredibly supportive during this deployment.  So many of you sent cards and packages with items my Marines were very thankful for.  No amount of gratitude I type here would be sufficient to describe the difference your support meant to us.  My platoon is coming back unscathed after over twenty successful missions during the last seven months, and I have no doubt everyone's thoughts and prayers had something to do with that.

A deployment is an interesting social experiment, that's for sure.  Spending seven months living with a platoon of young Marines from all walks of life and cultures, spanning every nook and cranny of our great nation creates quite a learning environment, and many a humorous story as well.  So, for anyone who may be interested stay tuned for some of the inside scoop on the shenanigans of our deployment in the coming weeks.  The first installment will probably be no earlier than next Monday, as the only thing I have on my mind for my first weekend home is spending time with my beautiful wife and children.  Again God bless all of you who have been so supportive over the last seven months.  We couldn't do it without such support.


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