Thursday, February 18, 2010

Generation "WE"...Generation Brainwashed

To anyone who still has their children enrolled in public school and/or is not actively involved in what is being taught to them on a daily basis, I introduce you to the result of blindly trusting the public education system with your children for the last 20 years:

Eric Greenberg is the author of this wonderful little piece of liberal propaganda, which claims this "generation" is "independent—politically, socially, and philosophically." If this is true, I am guessing that they wrote their own lines for this video, right Mr. Greenberg??? I am watching ten year old kids on this video utilizing liberal talking points throughout. I wonder where those came from, did these lines come directly from the brains of these "independent thinkers?"

First, I must address any children who actually, independently believe the propaganda from this video, which draws the most grim of pictures for today's youth, and tugs at the heart-strings of all to the most tragic plight of our poor youth, and the horrible world that awaits them.

Okay kids, I have an assignment for you today; so stop texting on your cell phones, take your ipod buds out of your ears, turn off your video games, and pick up the following book from the library, if they carry it. It's a little non-fiction work titled, "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt. It is an autobiography of growing up in New York and Ireland in the 1930's and 1940's.

After reading, please let me know how worried you are about global warming, pollution, and your 'life span being less than your parents' when you are sharing one hard-boiled egg with your brothers and sisters.

Would you be so concerned with our "dependence on fossil fuels" if you were sharing one outdoor toilet with all of your neighbors? How would you feel about alleged "water contamination" when your water supply was flooded in the downstairs section of your dilapidated apartment?

Would you be so concerned about polluting your environment if you had to scavenge the streets for a lump of coal to somewhat heat your home?

Would you be so concerned with your life span being less than your parents if their was a good chance you would watch one or more of your siblings die in infancy or early childhood?

I am thinking that you might not see your current lives as such dire circumstances if you were in the situation that Mr. McCourt found his childhood to be in...just a thought.

I do not wish to spend too much of my article directed at the kids who allegedly identify with this Generation We movement, as they are obviously unwitting pawns in the "progressive" (socialist) movement.

Yes, that's right...while we were busy working two jobs to pay for two new cars and a nice new home that it was our "right" to possess...while we were busy working overtime to pay for our multiple high definition televisions, Playstation 3, Xbox, and all the other things we were entitled to have to make our children's lives better than ours were, we failed them. We colossally failed them. I will be the first to admit that I may most assuredly be included in this failure, and I will live with that knowedge for the rest of my life. It is extremely hard to "turn back" the mistakes we make with our kids once they are teenagers, though we must try if that is the position we find ourselves in...back to the point.

I'm not sure what day it was, but at some point we stopped being parents, and started trying to be our kids best friends. This is the point at which we surrendered a portion of our abilities to teach and influence their behavior to strangers. These strangers, i.e. the public school system has been filling their heads with socialist mush for quite a few years now and the results are quite clear in this video, which also has an entire website dedicated to the movement at

(I, unlike the President, run a transparent site, therefore, I must admit I stopped writing this here and went for a run before continuing below.)

This site claims "Generation We" is comprised of "independent thinkers" who are "less politically partisan" than previous generations. Surprisingly the quotes on the home page of this group are none other than Senator Harry Reid and Arianna Huffington, well known extreme far left individuals. So much for "non-partisan." That would explain why the alleged "independent thoughts" of the youths in the video are exact liberal (statist) talking points.

It is imperative that we stop the brainwashing of our children by these socialist organizations. Below I have linked the "Generation We" declaration, which should disturb everyone. It speaks of globalization of our sovereign nation, and below is a quote from it dealing with global warming:

"Global warming is changing the entire landscape of opportunity and risks, and little is being done to immediately fix what is known to be enduring damage. Some even deny its existence. Caring for the environment is considered a burdensome expense, rather than a necessity for our future."

Really??? Seriously??? Some even deny it's existence??? No way!!! How can that be??? How can anyone deny the existence of something that has never been proven, and in fact, has been shown on numerous occasions to be a fairy tale, forced upon the population by scientists with a known agenda, who have now been shown to have knowingly changed scientific data in order to support their flawed theory?? Why would anyone question such individuals?

Seriously, we can keep working to turn back the damage that is currently being done by the Obama administration and the liberal run Congress. We have definitely been making wonderful progress in blocking the socialization of this nation, and the "Tea Party" movement is doing well at waking up a large section of our nation which still believes in conservative values, but this will only be a temporary victory for conservatism, unless we begin concentrating more on the youth of our nation, and waking them up from the brainwashing they have undertaken. Otherwise, as scary and/or laughable as this "Generation We" movement may seem at the moment, will become a horrible nightmare when these same youth, donning their "Obama Youth" uniforms, enter your dwelling place to remove your privately owned weapons, books deemed inappropriate for the progressive nation, and make arrests of anyone espousing viewpoints not deemed to be in line with the government. I know, that last part was way over the top and unbelievable. That could never happen to our nation...Right?


  1. Great perspective, Mr. williams.

    I didn't watch the video...too painful!

    what is so heartening is your description of the pain you endured in realizing there was more than one way to fail a child. That takes humility and courage.

    However, I assure you that remedy is possible. We are sold a bill of good and when we wake up from the dream to face our own reality, there are bad moments. But those moments pass as we face the next step: practical solutions.

    Obama's numbers are sooo bad that i don't think we need fear the horror scenario you propose as the end scheme of his ideas. I don't mean that the socialist-porgressives in charge of education wouldn't love that. What I do mean is that all by himself, Mr O has moved the country to the right. People calling themselves "conservative" outnumber the "leftist" and "moderate" groups.

    This one-term wonder dimly perceives that maybe he's history. And people like Allen West are gonna replace him at the helm.

    Have you read "In Search of Self-Governance" by Scott Rasmussen? It is short, to the point, and provides the outlines of a road map out of this swamp. It's available on his website. Won't make the best-seller list because it's not about personal trivia. It'a about the fact that this country is broken and only a rise in the number of people actually participating in getting us 'fixed' will resolve the problem.

    Kind of a "rise-up-and-throw-the-bums-out" approach but it goes further than that to show what we have to do (temporarily) in terms of activity in order to make ourselves safe from socialism.

    The wisdom of Rasmussen's book is that he kept it deliberately simple. It would make a great high-school text for a government class (but don't hold your breath). It would make a great book for citizen's groups.

    Here's where to order the book:

    while looking for the URL, I noticed that Mr O is back up to -11 from the cellar of (I think) -18. The man started into negatives at the end of June 2009 and hasn't moved out of double digit negatives since October.

    It's Bush's fault, of course. And it will be Bush's fault when he loses in 2012.

    Rasmussen again:

    Just 21% of voters nationwide believe that the federal government today has the “consent of the governed.”

    Rasmussen is among the most accurate because he only polls voters, not the general populace who don't get off their couch and bother to vote. that's why liberals hate his numbers and call him 'biased'.

  2. Ronald: Thanks for the great post, especially for keeping the end optimistic despite the crazy liberal agenda they're pushing. That's refreshing, as well as your candidness. Keep it up. ch: