Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concerning Strange Bedfellows (repost)

I am reposting this as I have noticed many crazies have once again grabbed the coattails of conservatism.

Concerning Strange Bedfellows

In my daily attempt to shed light on the liberals statist agenda that seeks to convert our fine republic into a socialist doormat for the world, I come across a great many characters with quite a few interesting viewpoints.

Throughout 2009, as President Obama and the liberal congress made it increasingly obvious that the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution of The United States meant nothing to them, a movement began which has been dubbed the “Tea Party Movement.” As the movement grew and gained popularity as a strong attempt to reclaim conservative values based upon the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets, many different viewpoints and, in some cases “fringe” elements have attempted to attach their causes to the coattails of this movement. Let’s examine some of the different schools of thought I come in contact with daily:

Those that contend the President and the liberal-run congress support policies that are socialist in nature, and therefore are not supported by our Constitution. I would say the vast majority of conservatives, myself included, believe this is true.

Those that contend the President and the liberal-run congress are enacting reckless spending policies on purpose in order to cause a catastrophic failure of the free market in order to enact a new socialist government…see Cloward/Piven Strategy. Quite a few are beginning to accept this theory, and I consider it to be a possibility. Whether you believe this is true or not, the problem here is that this thought process begins to lend itself to the conspiracy theorist crowd, which loves to take a small fact or truth, and run with it to the point that it becomes laughable.

The libertarian school of thought has been more widely accepted as of late, and a great many conservatives find themselves having “common ground” with the libertarians’ strict views of limited government and personal liberty. The problem with becoming too cozy with libertarian philosophy is the broad spectrum it encompasses. Some libertarians take limited government and go so far as to desire the abolition of the state completely. This school of thought seems to vilify all government representation as evil and an enemy of individual rights. Their “live and let live” philosophy is a close cousin to pacifism, which is typically espoused by liberal fringe groups…thus, completely perverting the initial belief system 180 degrees, and allowing persons who do not represent conservatism in any way a perceived voice in the discord.

For example, I have made many friends in the last year writing my blog and have utilized facebook as a mechanism for keeping up with these alleged like-minded thinkers. I recently witnessed disturbing articles and videos from some of these self-avowed fellow tea party patriots which were in no way based in conservatism or the Constitution. Everything from anti-war veterans speaking of how evil corporate fatcats forced them to take part in unjust wars to schizophrenic 9/11 “truthers” were included. Needless to say they are no longer on my friend list.

Overall, the Tea Party Movement has done a great deal to fight the statist policies that threaten to bring this wonderful republic to its knees. I am a staunch supporter of it and would march in every event they coordinated if my status as a U.S. Marine allowed for it. My concern in this article is to point out that as this movement continues to grow at such a brisk pace, it will be important to ensure that the leaders of the movement are policing the ranks for those that would misrepresent the principles the movement stands for.


  1. I guess you decide who is crazy. The tea party movement needs to police itself NOW! They come across as racist and intolerant and seem to have very little to with limited government anymore as the party has changed into what it is currently. It is not represented well right NOW. BTW-what is wrong with anti war veteran who thinks the war is unjust? is he not entitled to think that? did corporations have nothing to with the war?

  2. The Tea Party movement does not come across as racist by their own acts whatsoever...they are PORTRAYED that way by the liberal biased media. You say they seem to have little to do with limited government?? I'm not sure what rock you've been living under because they loudly proclaim their belief in limited government every day. Also, I didn't say there was anything wrong with an anti-war veteran who thinks war is unjust and is a top secret conspiracy to make money for corporations, though I would certainly disagree with his opinion, he has the right to it. What I stated was that such a person should not be categorized as a CONSERVATIVE, as it goes against the basic values of one. Thank you for your uneducated comments and attempts to twist my words. I also appreciate that you were just confident enough in your baseless, factless, argument to sign in as "anonymous"

  3. I like how you only post your response, not mine. My response to you is missing? Let's talk about confidence again please.

  4. This is the first response I have received from you...I post every comment on my blog as long as it is not vulgar.

  5. How is it that a person who wears the uniform of the military services of The United States on active duty in a time of war can write blog posts that seem to be so adverse to the Commander In Chief of our Armed Forces and to the legitimately elected Government and get away with it? Of course I honor your service and thank you for it but how can you stand at attention and salute the Flag and still be so angered against the appointed government? You are a Christian? Doesn't The Bible say that it is God who appoints our rulers and that we are to obey our rulers? Do you not, for some reason, like the fact that God has appointed Obama and his administration to be our government? Maybe that Scripture can get some right wing revision so that it can be made to be out of context and mean something else, right? Also, if it is true--as you have said somewhere--that most Americans consider themselves to be Conservative, how do you account for the fact that Obama was elected with the greatest outpouring of American Voters in recorded History?

  6. Ah yes, another anonymous comment. I shall attempt to answer your questions. First things first. Thank you for your comment about my service and your support as it pertains to that. I do support the flag and the Constitution of the United States, but I stand in defense of everyone's freedom of speech each day, included in that is my freedom of speech. Yes their are rules for military members and I do not cross them yes, I am a Christian, and as such I do believe that God appointed our current President and I obey him every day. I follow every order I am given in the military and I pay my taxes, all the things I am required to do as a U.S. citizen. There is a huge difference between obeying the current President and agreeing with his policies and beliefs. Know that in my oath of enlistment, I swear to uphold the Constitution of The United States of America. If our current President were to follow this document more often he would garner more of my support. Do you honestly believe that all service members are required to agree with the current President on all things? We are not mindless zombies that are not allowed to have our own beliefs.