Saturday, August 14, 2010

Missouri Congressmen in Socialist Party of America

The Socialist Party of America recently released a list of congressmen and women who are members of their organization. That's right, I said the SOCIALIST Party of America! We have been asleep for so long, not paying attention to what was going on behind the scenes in our own government, that socialism has quietly infiltrated our system of liberty and freedom, and now threatens our way of life. We must rise up and vote these people out if we want to save our republic. A republic that we can no longer deny is under attack from within. Many of the members, who can be seen at the below link:

are members that wouldn't surprise those who follow politics, but I am originally from Missouri, and still legally reside in the "Show Me State". I thought it important to additionally list below; for my Missouri readers, the Missouri socialists so that we might spread the word on their open membership in a form of government which goes directly against the Constitution of the United States. We must start getting active in politics Americans. It is our civic duty to maintain and strengthen this way of life that our children and grandchildren will never experience if we don't make a difference NOW, by flushing out this invasion from within.

Missouri Socialists in Congress:

William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01)
Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)

We do not need socialism in the fine state of Missouri. Get the word out and let's get rid of them!!


  1. This is a pathetic post. Yeah we do all need to get involved in politics. However, I feel it's time we let go of mccarthyism. Open up your eyes! People don't vote based on who would to the most good for the majority of people. People vote for the politician who is culturally acceptable. What I mean by this is that you are, by voicing an ignorant and unintelligent opinion against an ideal that would benefit the majority of the country, actually hurting political progression. Also, I beg you, please tell me how socialism is directly against the constitution!?

  2. How is a system that advocates the placing of ownership and control of capital into the hands of the greedy majority in line with the constitution?The whole private property thing, I guess doesn't really matter does it? Just because something would benefit the majority of people does not at all imply that it is the wise thing to do. Who gets to decide what is the the most beneficial for this majority? I am guessing it is someone like you derek that has such a high opinion of himself that he can call others names for simply having a differing opinion. Which by the way is another way socialism is against the constitution, freedom of speech. We wouldn't want to say anything unkind or the culturally acceptable politician you say everyone (because I guess you know) votes for may get his feelings hurt.