Monday, April 13, 2009


I was astounded today to find out that the current problem we face with Somali pirates hijacking ships is the fault of former president George W. Bush. I am grateful that the fine Senator from Wisconsin, Russ Feingold, was brave enough to go on the record and point this out to the American people when giving his take on the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips,

"I am elated by the safe rescue of Captain Richard Phillips and the crew of the Maersk Alabama and I thank and congratulate the Navy SEALS and others whose remarkable efforts resulted in a successful end to this troubling situation," Feingold said. "While the episode involving the crew of the Maersk Alabama had a happy ending, piracy off the coast of Somalia will assuredly continue since it is a symptom of the state collapse in Somalia, which presents a much greater and more dangerous problem. For years, Somalia's growing instability was neglected by the Bush administration and the international community. The new administration must not make the same mistake."

I can't express how much I appreciate Mr. Feingold rewriting the history books to make yet another troubling event in this world the fault of our former president. Unfortunately, our wonderful democratic Senator followed Rule #1 in the liberal rules of assigning blame, "facts do not matter." Senator Feingold might consider taking a world history course in order to brush up on his assessments of Somalia. I may be getting a little old and forgetful, but I seem to remember Somalia being completely lawless in 1992. I seem to remember President George H. W. Bush initiating Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, in an attempt to stop the warlords from seizing UN food shipments from the people of Somalia.

As I recall, during this time period George W. Bush was a managing general partner with the Texas Rangers. Maybe Senator Feingold has some knowledge of a secret mission involving Nolan Ryan starting a coup with a fastball to the throat of a warlord. If not, the "Somalia's growing instability was neglected by the Bush administration" is a pretty ridiculous statement. If anything, the instability of Somalia was increased in 1993, after the "Blackhawk Down" incident, when then President Bill Clinton, packed up the operation and left the Somalis high and dry at the mercy of the warlords.

Just for fun, let's get a current tally of all of the trouble in the world that, according to the liberal machine, is George W. Bush's fault:

Below I have listed some of the lesser known events that have been proven to be George W. Bush's fault, compliments of :

99% of animal species are extinct, George Bush destroyed 95% of them!
George Bush killed the dinosaurs!
George Bush clear cut the Sahara forest. Now it is a desert!
George Bush organized the Roman Senate to kill Caesar! Brutus was the last to capitulate. George Bush caused Mount Vesuvius to erupt destroying Pompeii!
George Bush spread the plague through Europe in the middle ages!
George Bush caused the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812! The Mississippi River flowed backwards for two days afterwards.
George Bush was milking Mrs. O’Leary’s cow when it kicked over the lamp starting the Great Chicago Fire!
George Bush was an artillery officer in Charleston, SC, 1864 starting the American Civil War! George Bush assassinated Abraham Lincoln! He was trying to hit Mrs. Lincoln but missed. George Bush spread the Potato blight in Ireland leading to the potato famine!
George Bush hired the L.A. police officers who beat Rodney King!
If a butterfly flaps his wings in Beijing, you get rain in Central Park instead of sunshine. If George Bush drops a pebble in San Francisco Bay you get a tsunami in Tokyo Bay
The hare was beaten by the tortoise because George Bush distracted him.
Every silver lining is surrounded by a George Bush!
George Bush wrote the Jim Crow Laws!
George Bush designed the Titanic!
George Bush kidnapped the Lindbergh baby!
George Bush was the pilot of the Hindenburg!
George Bush was the mechanic that worked on Amelia Earhart’s airplane before she disappeared!
George Bush gave out unsecured loans in the 1920s causing the Great Depression!
George Bush gave President Franklin Roosevelt polio when he was a child!
George Bush caused the Watts Riots!
George Bush drove Edward Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne on Chappaquiddick Island July 18, 1969.
It wasn’t the neighbor’s dog talking to David Horowitz, the Son of Sam killer, it was George Bush!
George Bush gave Jim Jones his ministry certification before Jonestown!
George Bush was the security guard at the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal India December 3, 1984!
George Bush was the shift leader at Chernobyl during the disaster!
George Bush got Monica Lewinsky her internship!

Okay, that was merely for comedy relief. On a more serious note, when are the liberals going to stop using George Bush as a scapegoat and start taking responsibility for themselves. I keep hearing President Obama talking about the huge mess that he inherited. He did not inherit it. He lobbied for it, campaigned for it, and won a national vote for it!!! How long will it be before he, as the leader of the free world, takes responsibility for what he wanted? Better yet, How long will it be before we, the citizens of this America, start holding him accountable?

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