Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Barack Obama campaigned quite successfully on a platform of, “Change We Can Believe In” and, “Yes We Can.” 100 days into his presidency he has not failed to back these phrases up. President Obama has moved rapidly to “change” just about everything he can about the United States. Sovereignty??? Say no more America! He has removed that from our country's description by going on a world tour to apologize to every country that will listen. This will no doubt destroy our lobbying power in the world, thereby changing two more problems with our land...Initiative and World Leadership. We never really liked those anyway, did we America?? Now we are well on our way to joining the European Union. Maybe we can even go to a global currency and get rid of that crazy U.S. Dollar. Then we can become basically an extension of Europe. Wait a minute...didn't we fight the British twice to get away from that dependency?? Never you mind, you asked for change.

Safety and National Security have you down?? Never fear! Barack is here! For the last seven plus years we slept under a protective umbrella with terrorists on the run from our offensive efforts to eradicate them from this earth. They were hunted, taken prisoner when found, interrogated successfully for intelligence on other terrorists and/or planned attacks, and imprisoned in a safe environment away from the American public. Here comes some more of the “Change you can believe in” that you wanted America. President Obama is closing down the facilities that imprison these terrorists, and either bringing them to America or setting them free. How much would you pay for that plan citizens? DON'T ANSWER YET! Not only are you going to receive this gift, he has gone a step further to change things by contemplating the prosecution and imprisonment of the heroes who kept us safe since 9/11. After all, it is reprehensible that we would pour water in a murderers mouth to gather intelligence that will keep Americans safe. In fact, President Obama takes his change very seriously, so he is releasing the CIA interrogation techniques to the terrorists, destroying any future opportunity to utilize them successfully again. So to summarize...releasing terrorists, prosecuting American heroes. Now that's change!!

No changing of America would be complete without a fundamental change of what this country was founded upon.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
The liberal democrats, identified more appropriately as “Statists” by Mark Levin in his new book, have done a good deal to eliminate morals and Christianity over the past few decades. But their actions were always quite veiled. With reckless abandon President Obama has launched a bold frontal assault on both in his first three months in office by signing executive orders to reverse president Bush's ban of embryonic stem cell research. He has instituted numerous bills and an extensive increase in funding for abortions at all stages of pregnancy, as well as nominating some of the most radically affiliated pro-abortion members in his cabinet. He has gone public in stating that America is not a Christian nation. How's that for some bold change?? All of this in the first 100 days! Imagine where we will be in another 1360 days!
“Yes we can” remove the identity that makes us Americans, separate from other European countries. “Yes we can” stop bringing terrorists to justice! “Yes we can” remove all of the power of our intelligence agencies to keep America safe! “Yes we can” take vast amounts of money away from those who have earned it, and redistribute it to those who have not! “Yes we can” remove capitalism from America and replace it with European Socialism! “Yes we can” remove the American liberties that are promised to all Americans in the Constitution! “Yes we can” remove Christianity from our nations history! “Yes we can” murder as many unborn children as we want, and maybe even legalize euthanasia...thereby moving back in the direction of the Nazi's Eugenics philosophies of the 1930's and 40's. Yes America, you voted overwhelmingly for change last November. Let's all take time to soak up the au jus of our “change.”

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