Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, folks...our President and Vice President are at it again. They have once again confirmed their "odd couple" status with their lack of communication regarding a stance on the swine flu pandemic. In case you missed it, just the other day President Obama spoke to Americans about the swine flu outbreak...

As is normally the case when the Obama administration becomes brave enough to let Joe out of his cage to talk with the media, he immediately inserts his foot in his mouth...

Wow, sounds like Joe is ready to become our first "bubble boy" Vice President. In theaters this summer, starring our own Vice President, it's "What About Bob 2, Joe the Germaphobe"

Babysteps to the bathroom...babysteps to the disinfectant soap...babysteps to the oxygen bubble.

Not to belittle the "LEVEL 5 PANDEMIC" but the death toll is 7!!

Besides, I have the supreme confidence in our Commander in Chief to obliterate this swine flu. If anyone is an expert on pork, it's Barack Obama!!

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