Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who Decides What is News?? A Tale of Tea Parties and Presidential Pets

For those who are still naive or in denial about the liberal slant in our mainstream news media I present this evidence:

On April 15th, hundreds of thousands are set to join together in every major city in our nation to protest the 3+ trillion dollar spending bill funded by the American citizens tax dollars. Call me crazy, but this would seem to be one of the top news stories for the media to be covering. However, when I go to popular news sites such as ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN, I find nothing on the front pages mentioning these nationwide protests at all. What I do find is the rescue of the US Captain from Somali pirates as every sites top story, and justifiably so. What is disturbing is coming in as a close 3rd, just behind the Thai uprising is the announcement and introduction of the new presidential pooch!! Really??? Seriously??? I am quite certain the "slick tongued" liberals already have an explanation for the importance of this story over the Tea Parties. I am sure it makes about as much sense as their idiotic arguments about the Obama "bow" to the Saudi King earlier this week. Rather than merely rant about this, let's examine this by the numbers:

Google news has the following statistics currently:

News Stories about President Obama's Dog= 1,131
News Stories about the Tea Parties = 255

Who can look at these statistics and honestly trust the mainstream media to report the "real" news going on in this country. This happens every day. The liberal run news media reports to the American people what they want us to hear. Radical steps are being taken almost daily to convert this capitalist nation into a socialist nation, and the media is more concerned with what Michelle Obama is wearing, or who President Obama chose in his Final Four Bracket. Wake up Americans!!! Our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness depends on it!!

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