Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Dare Joe Wilson Yell "You Lie" While Obama Is Lying!!

For those who may have missed it last night, Rep. Joe Wilson had the audacity to tell the truth in the Capitol Building last night. I know, this is rather shocking to hear that the truth might actually still be spoken in those chambers from time to time. Even more shocking is the outburst was directed at the almighty President Obama, who, at that very moment, was; in fact, lying to everyone who was listening to his address.

I have included the video, not so much so you can hear the outburst, but what I found to be the most entertaining in this clip, is the reaction of Nancy Pelosi. Watch how she reacts after the comment is made. She gets this shocked, "how dare anyone speak ill of the almighty Obama" look on her face, and then continues to stare in that direction for quite some time, as if to identify who it was, so they might be the first to be sent to the newly built internment camps. In all seriousness, it was hard to watch any portion of this speech, as it makes me incredibly nauseous to see Obama, Biden, and Pelosi all in one picture at the same time. It's like the the "Perfect Storm" of radical statists, and it makes me reach for the pepto.


  1. Oh, but Pelosi's reaction is so priceless! I've never laughed so hard - it wiped that smug smirk right off of her face and crash to the floor. And frankly, Biden always looks bored at these type of things (I think he even fell to sleep once). It certainly woke everyone up.

  2. And didn't Obama just get though calling all of us liars? It's OK for him to use the term about the American People. But our rep can't use it back at him?