Thursday, April 14, 2011

Budgets, Deficits, and Lies, Oh My!!

For those of us with short term memories, this is what our wise President said shortly after taking office, regarding budget deficits, i.e. spending more money than you are bringing in.

For those who may be too broke to pay attention at this point in the game, when Obama took office the current budget contained a 455 billion dollar deficit. Since then, President Obama has not only failed to do what he promised (cut the deficit in half) but has gone aggressively in the opposite direction. In 2009 our nations budget had a 1.41 trillion dollar deficit, and in 2010, as you may know he and his fellow libs could not even pass a new budget, so our government operated on a frugal 1.29 trillion dollar deficit. This years budget will again outspend our nations income by 1.65 trillion dollars.

What has this created? Well at the end of 2008 our national debt outstanding was about 10 trillion dollars. Since then our debt found a new gear and has rocketed up to 14.2 trillion in only two years!!

Really?? Seriously?? Yet this President still has the gall to appear on television and with a straight face, lecture us on fiscal responsibility!! What would happen if any of us spent twice as much each year as we made? Yes, I can almost hear your laughter. We know what would happen. The interest we, as a nation pay on this debt is more money than most of us will see in a lifetime, and the government throws it around like monopoly money. Come to think of it, not even monopoly allows a person to go this far into debt without being removed from the game.

The Presidents new solution, according to his speech yesterday, is to raise our taxes. Yes, the last two years he has been spending money aggressively beyond our income, and his solution, rather than discipline himself and our government, is to impose more control over the dwindling amount of money made by those who do work for a living. You know, the poor saps who are required to live WITHIN their budget.

To those who would oppose this guessed it, the oldest play in the liberal playbook...FEARMONGERING!! Obama, in his speech, accused those who opposed his new tax plan of cutting services to seniors and poor children while giving tax cuts to the rich. Gee! Where have I heard this line of crap before? Oh Yeah, every year the liberals want to raise taxes they march this soundbite out for duty. Just listen over the next week or so to how many liberals you will hear stating this garbage. It's as if they all attend a meeting and are given their talking points for the upcoming week. Actually it's not "as if", I'm pretty sure that's exactly how it happens.

See, here we go!!

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