Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Silent No More" Celebrates Two Years...A Look Back at Your Comments

It's hard to believe that I've been pecking away at this little blog for two years now. Over the past two years I've worked very hard to introduce my readers to what I believe in and stand for. I would like to thank the many bloggers that I link to and follow for helping me along over the past two years...Random Acts of Patriotism, The Liberal Heretic, American Perspective and especially to Just a Conservative Girl, who is also celebrating her two years blogging and regularly comments on this blog.

Speaking of comments, I am always excited when I write a new article and come home from work to see if I have received any comments. Comments always prove to me that somebody out there is actually reading this. To celebrate my two year anniversary I've decided to take a look back at some of the more entertaining comments I've received.

My first comment:

"hi, just dropping by here"


Thanks for letting me know, Stephen. It didn't take long and I had a loyal following of people who hated me. This mostly consisted of Ron Paul worshippers, Alex Jones kooks, and atheists. Funny, most of these commented as "anonymous":

"I think your really stupid and angry"

"Apparently, you believe the government should hide secrets from its employer, “We the people…”, so you’re a freaking anti-American moron."

"Mr. Williams; you use the terms isolationist to describe Ron Paul. With 737 foreign US military bases, I would say a better term might be anti-imperialist."

"What a worthless posting.

"If it wasn’t for people like Ron Paul who fight for freedoms, online and offline, you wouldn’t be able to sit there spewing your ridiculous ideals to the world."

"Second, the wars we are fighting are only for the Jews. We’re fighting these wars so they feel safe in an area where they are surrounded by Arabs. The Jews also own the military industrial complex and they make money on the wars while we send our white kids over there to die. It’s sick any way you look at it."

"Don’t pee in your pants “fella” that foreign aid to Isreal won’t get cut off anytime soon."

I just love the anti-semitic feel you get when talking to Ron Paul supporters.

Who knew Thanksgiving was a "toast to genocide"?

"Very interesting information. Socialism does work for some countries. They are functioning countries. It may not be yours or my ideal but they still function. My major problem with thanksgiving is I see it as a "toast to genocide" in many ways. We killed and stole land- plain and simple. Interesting read though."

"Ok if your concern is the well being of American citizens, and there is a group that has infiltrated our government and did 9/11, then wouldn't you want ordinary people to know about it, so they can stop electing people that have affiliations with these globalists who did 9/11? Do you understand people want to talk about 9/11 so they know about the people behind it, the military and their involvement in the middle east is another story. They are not talking about the military when they say 9/11 was an inside job. BTW the last video, he was acting hysterically because it was his coworker on the other end, if he hadn't sounded so urgent his coworker might have gotten detained by the G20 security. Many others did, so he did have reason to be concerned."


Sometimes I was defended by others:

"you and schlessinger are the trolls. what intelligent comments do you make?

You are not intelligent
You are not a writer
You are not creative
You are not profound
You are not wise
You simply have a internet connection and a bullshit blog about your hate for certain people.
You look like an indignent, self righteous, hate spewing piece of trash on the internet. Nothing more, nothing less."

"You are a real life troll. I do not call myself intelligent nor do I belittle others in a shameless attempt to satisfy my own overgrown ego like yourself. No not only people who share my opinions possess those characteristics. You calling me narrow minded? Now that is rich. As for November you "teabaggers" are in for a spanking."

He may have been a bit off in his November prediction.


"The above person is honestly telling me that I do not make intelligent comments...this is classic!! For starters, Mr. or Ms. intelligent, it's spelled I-N-D-I-G-N-A-N-T. Second, nobody forced you to come to my blog and/or comment on it. You obviously do not understand the definition of an internet "troll" if you are calling me one on my own site. Thank you for your opinions that I am not intelligent, creative, profound, wise, or a writer. I am sure in your narrow-minded view of life the only people who possess such characteristics are those with political opinions similar to yours. Thanks for all the name calling as well. You brave liberals love to name call rather than debate a topic. It's somewhat understandable as without the names your arguments are mostly empty. Feel free to leave my website "anonymous" and drink more Kool-Aid over at the Huffington Post. You might want to spike it with something strong, November is not going to be kind to your political " kin-folk"

"More name calling, rather than any facts. I apologize that my thoughts and opinions upset your fragile "beliefs with no basis" and as it is well noted that the liberal species (latin, libericus moronicai), they feel threatened easily, and possess a well-known, but weak defense mechanism known as name-calling and acting-out. You may move along now....unless, of course, you would like to place a wager on your last statement...Wait!!! Never Mind!! You would probably just pay me with my own money. I don't accept food stamps. You may now go to your "happy corner" and curl up in the fetal position. Keep telling yourself that your liberal masters are going to stay in office when November 2nd rolls around. I hope you are able to get some Obamacare therapy on my dime before we stop funding the unconstitutional legislation."

with help from NativeHoustonian:

"Anonymous. Why are you even on this blog if you have those opinions? You Liberals never cease to amaze me. And Ron does not have to be a writer to host a blog so you are erroneous. #2 you are "anonymous" cuz you are a sissy and cannot reveal your identity and #3 Surely you cannot watch that video and think that is normal and what our forefathers intended. You must be either on welfare or a MArxist, neither of which I'd like to keep company with."

You have to love the banter!!

Sometimes disagreements were professionally's okay to disagree without being disagreeable:

"First of all, I'm glad you are committed to being an American and committed to serving the public. I applaud you for that. Second, keep up the faith and I hope you are safe during these difficult times. Stay safe and kick ass. Third I hope your family recieves you safe and whole. But you have been brainwashed a little too much. Pull your head out of your forth point of contact and realize this is the most piss poor situation, we as service members can be put in. Former President Bush kept his eye off of Afganistan 7 years ago to go after Iraq. Really? Well I was there during Desert Storm/Sheild and we left them with nothing. And we kept the no fly zones during Clinton. and then decided to kick their ass with Bush. And we found them with nothing? Well yeah! We kicked their ass in 92!! We should have kept the eye on the ball and kept on afhganistan. Now we are stuck trying to rebuild two nations with less troops than we had in 1992 with little multi-national support. My friend, you need to stop drinking the Kool-aid and start educating yourself. Maybe try listening to the BBC instead of Rush. Still I hope you are safe and that you stay that way. We are brothers in arms, I've been to Iraq enough that I could give tours."

SFC Racine


"God Bless you and your family as well. I appreciate your comments and opinions. Your thoughts are respected and I thank you for your service to our country. You seem to be taking me to task on George Bush's involvement in Iraq as opposed to Afghanistan, and I'm not sure I even referenced this topic in my article. If this is regarding my last article on Afghanistan, I still see that you are changing the subject decisively away from the topic I am discussing, bringing up a liberal talking point from Obama's 08 election campaign. Nonetheless, if we did discuss this I doubt we would agree on it...and that's okay. We don't have to agree on everything. The freedom to have differing opinions without being tortured or imprisoned for it is what makes our country great. For your information, I keep myself very educated on the matters I discuss. I would ask you to do the same and check the contents of your own drinking glass if you are still such a loyal defender of President Obama with all of the actions/inactions he has taken since assuming office. If you can honestly take his actions as President thus far and say that they are "constitutional" then, OHHHHH YEAHHHH!! that big Kool-Aid guy has most assuredly crashed through your wall. Also, I do respect Rush and value his opinion, but I rarely am able to listen to him here as he comes on from 9am-noon, I think for myself independently and check the facts on what others may say. I respect that you have been to Iraq "enough times to give tours" and am disappointed that with such vast experiences there you could only come up with the "Bush screwed up Afghanistan by going to Iraq" liberal talking point. We are "brothers in arms" and I honestly do value your opinion. May God keep you and yours safe and I wish for you the best, my friend."

Sometimes people like to spout off without even taking the time to know my background:

"Ronald Williams = Traitor to the constitutional Republic of the US"

"Mr. Williams…it’s warmongering NeoCon spokesholes like you that help kill our military sons and daughters in overseas, senseless wars. I wonder if you’re BRAVE ENOUGH to face war yourself…"

"My dad came back from Nam with PTSD and nearly ruined everyone in my family. It is easy to take the stand you take as you like to say about noninterventionists because your cowardly attributes won’t have to take up a rifle yourself and get paid $30,000 a year to get shot at."

Agree with me, disagree with me, it's all good. At least you will always know where I stand on issues. It's been a very entertaining two years and there are some very big doors opening and changes coming in the near future that I will share in another post. I want to thank everyone who has taken part in this blog in any way over the past two years. I will continue to make you love or hate me with my views on politics and the world.


  1. I have many Ron Paul fans that read my blog too. Until I did that post on Levin I didn't have a problem. Since then many hae stopped reading.

    Which is perfectly fine with me especially since the reaction was exactly what Levin was saying.

    Congrats on your blogoverisy. It isn't as easy it seems.

    Thanks for linky love!!

  2. Congrats to you as well. Keep doing what you do. You have an awesome blog. I love your writing!!