Monday, April 18, 2011

"Religion of Peace" Week In Review= 88 Dead, 189 Injured

Your weekly statistics compliments of "The religion of peace." Deaths were down about 36% from last weeks totals...not sure if more infidels chose to convert or if Mohammed was just having an off week.

2011.04.16SomaliaGalkayo32A government official is among three people dismantled by a bomb planted by Mujahideen.
2011.04.16AlgeriaAzazga1412Islamic fundamentalists assault a local security post, leaving at least 14 members dead.
2011.04.16AfghanistanLaghman108A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills nine soldiers and a civilian.
2011.04.16IraqHawija10An al-Qaeda opponent is kidnapped, tortured and murdered.
2011.04.15IndonesiaCirebon029A suicide bomber blows himself up inside a mosque, injuring nearly thirty.
2011.04.15AfghanistanKandahar32A religious fundamentalist wearing an explosives vest detonates in a group of policemen, killing three.
2011.04.15JordanZarqa051A mob of Islamists attack police and accused atheists with bats and knives, leaving at least fifty injured.
2011.04.15NigeriaMaiduguri25Boko Haram Islamists gun down two innocents.
2011.04.15IndiaBudgam10Islamists drag a female political candidate out of her home and shoot her to death.
2011.04.14ThailandNarathiwat10Islamic militants spray the back of a 45-year old villager's head with automatic weapons fire.
2011.04.14PakistanQuetta22A cleric and his student are shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.04.14AfghanistanPaktia33Four Shahid suicide bombers detonate at a police training camp, leaving three recruits dead.
2011.04.14IraqYusufiya213Two Iraqis are taken down by a double bombing.
2011.04.13AfghanistanKunar107Ten tribal elders are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who embraced one of his victims.
2011.04.12IraqKhan Dhari56A vicious double bombing at a home leaves three family members and two rescue workers dead.
2011.04.12AfghanistanFaryab44Talibanis gun down three children and their father.
2011.04.11IraqBaghdad411A 10-year-old girl is among four Iraqis murdered in a terrorist blast along a city street.
2011.04.11DagestanKidero30Three policemen die when Islamic militants ambush them with machine-guns.
2011.04.11IraqKhan Bani Saad102Ten women and children are killed in a home by Jihadi bombers.
2011.04.11PakistanKanrakai313Women and children are among the casualties when religious radicals set off a roadside bomb.
2011.04.11IraqFallujah719A triple bombing leaves seven dead.

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