Friday, April 8, 2011

The Government Shutdown Through The Eyes of One Marine

As the question looms whether the government will or will not shutdown at midnight tonight, it becomes increasingly annoying watching and/or listening to the media's spin on the proceedings. I have heard more faux outrage over the closing of national parks and monuments than I can stomach from most so-called news organizations. Seriously!! Is that really the major issue with the government shutting down??

President Obama is attempting to paint himself as the mediator and peacemaker between the Dems and Rebublicans, but it was he who sent Congress a budget which called for 3.7 trillion (with a "T") in spending when the estimated income of the nation will only be 2.2 Trillion. How many of us are so lucky in our financial arenas??

The Republicans have proposed an adjustment which reduces spending by 60 billion, or 1.6% of Obama's requested spending. The democrats, immediately, have called the spending cuts "extreme" and, with the ever-willing assistance of the mainstream news media attempted to portray the evil republicans as hateful people who want to kill senior citizens, starve children, and make everyone homeless. Here's my many Americans still believe any of this fact-free fear mongering??? This is a card in the liberal playbook that has been played over and over again. None of the dire predictions by libs ever come to fruition. Utilizing common sense (tough for some) can you possibly believe that congressional representatives of any party want to kill seniors, starve kids, and make everyone homeless??? Additionally, could you possibly believe that cutting 1.6% of spending will cause this to happen??? If anything, this is a moment of clarity, when everyone should be able to see just how sick the liberals have become over the last few years with spending. They cannot fathom cutting it whatsoever, even when it is increasingly clear that our debt is spiraling out of control and our nation is headed for a painful crash.

To be honest, the paltry cuts the republicans have requested don't even begin to fix the problem. There should be many more cuts and they start with the inflated public sector workforce. There are so many unnecessary and pointless jobs and billets I see every day on the military installations I work on that it would take a separate post to get into the details of it. Civilian federal jobs on military installations have become an overburdening monster that must be stopped.

Now I see the media attempting to use the military member as an emotional weapon in the budget debate. What a nauseous viewing that is. I have three words for the media if asked how I feel about not receiving a paycheck, "SHUT IT DOWN!!!"

Whatever it takes to stop the bullying from the left on the right, who seems always willing to curl up in the fetal position in a corner and give in. I will happily sacrifice a paycheck or two if it will cause the republicans' testicles to drop and them to "man up" and stand their ground on the principles that the American people elected them for!!

Cut 60 billion??? I say cut 600 billion and then maybe I'll take you clowns seriously. After all, with a 600 billion cut we would still be spending more than we are bringing in. My bank informs me that spending more than I make is frowned upon.

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